Sunday, August 10, 2008

and we're back

I feel guilty having been on vacation this past week, when it seems many people that I know are grieving a terrible loss. I didn't even know her, yet I feel terrible for what happened. She was killed by a drunk driver on her way home from work. She was 25 and a mother of 3. Heartbreaking. Absolutely heartbreaking... When my sister called me I couldn't believe it... something like that happening. I was in shock, and my heart goes out to everyone who lost a piece of them with Lindsay's passing.

Our vacation went well. went up to Alburg Vt (which is a long friggin' drive!) do you see how close to Canada we were? we saw Québéc many times during our stay.

We went with some friends, Jeff & Becky, and little Nathanial, and spent the week in a cabin on the lake. It was a great place. If you click on the slideshow, it should bring you to my web albums, which has all sorts of pictures in varying albums you should check out and leave comments. I haven't gotten around to leaving captions yet though, for these.

vaction last day and ride home

2008_aug vacation

2008 Vacation pictures from Becky

the weather could've been better, but hey I guess I can't complain... atleast there wasn't a tornado watch and 2 funnel clouds in nearby towns, like there was down here.

They need new weather people up there. they made us think that it was going to rain the entire week, literally. But it didn't, we actually had several decent days. one of which involved nasty icky green stuff 6 inches deep for the entire day and covered a good chunk of the lack.. I even drove Evan down to the state park to go swimming, and it was neon green there too! Jay took some pictures of it by our dock. It was gross, and I'm not really sure what it was.

The water was a warm 72-ish degrees (according to that lousy weather team) during our stay. It was really nice. The lake bottom is very rocky, but that we knew and came prepared with water shoes. Then there's the seaweed. ick. is reachest he top of the water! During our stay we got the honor of seeing the lake level rise right before our eyes, thanks to all that rain that pounded the region. the water's edge rose about 4 feet, and the depth gained was about 6-8" measured visually by looking at how high it was on the dock. it went from 6-8 inches below the bottom of the dock to touching the dock. and it's not a floating dock either, it rests on the ground. The water level rose so much, we'd wake up and say "I wonder how much the water rose today", and go down to take a look. The neighbor had to raise his dock a couple notches, after it was found to be under water one morning. He was at that thing for the better part of the day!

On the last morning, we wake up to the most beautiful day, just to leave. We drove downt he New York side of the lake and hit Fort Ticonderoga on the way. then we drove South East across VT to I-91. according to google it's nearly a 5.5 hour drive.. and boy did it feel like it too! We did make a pit stop at the outlet malls in Brattleboro to stretch and use the facilities.

Even though we were on vacation for a week, swam, kayaked and walked, and bombed around in the rain exploring New York and Vermont, and accidentally crossing into Québéc during one of our border road explorations (we turned around at customs), it wasn't really restful. The kids, man were they driving us crazy..(mainly it was Evan) but at the same time, they were probably bored and couldn't help it. I only brought 1 bag of toys, which I guess wasn't enough entertainment for a long drive and a week of keeping entertained. Thank goodness they had bored games and disney videos, even though those too were driving us a bit crazy.

it was a good week, ans really nice to get away.


  1. Welcome back to Bloggy!
    I remember seeing a news story on the fresh water "Green Slime" Tide algae take-over problem in June. How bizarre!

    I was wondering if you got flooded up there. People to the south of you by rivers did- with those heavy rains.

    When I was a kid we always did 2 weeks in Burlington vt on a camp on lake Champlain. All we had to do was play cards, Canaster, War, n Rummy in the rain. I also learned Hearts n Spades that way. I was allowed just a couple toys.
    Me n Poof used to play alot together when the cousins weren't over. We had 5 bored kids...

    Makes your kids really appreciate home I bet!

  2. Oh! Awesome rainbow pics!

    I could see Mt Mansfield in one of those pics.

  3. the rainbow was gorgeous.. never in my life before could I actually see the bottoms of one where it touched the ground. and it was a full arch, and then a slight double rainbow. amazing!

  4. So sorry about your friend..
    We lost a worker at Friendley's the other night he was hit by a drunk driver(I Posted on my blog about it)
    I think there should be no 2ed chance fo drunk drivers.
    I do miss your blog on that other page,Hope the little one is growing like a weed, ok have a great winter(As it must be cold up there alreadsy)
    God bless the family... Buddythedoxie& my family