Monday, September 15, 2008

utterly hysterical

So I was driving, well stopped at a stop light, in fact, in Westfield, in my truck. Windows open, like usual (Love to have the windows open)
A blue pick-up pulls up in the lane to my left. Windows open. Big white burly dude driving.. think landscaper. He turns up his radio. it took me a minute to realize the song...

Hungry Eyes. Best known fromt he Dirty Dancign soundtrack. The light turned, and I drove away in hysterics.


  1. Better funny than scary! or ewwwy-

    I've had a few of those in the past- but not recently...

    I ghet caught singing alot!

  2. who doesn't? lol

    all I could picture for the rest of the day was Baby and Johnny practicing their dance moves