Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'm so smart

My complete and utter inability to focus at work has to do with the simple fact that I'm bored. what's more interesting than weighing and labeling 100's of vials, peeling tape off of 4000 test tubes, and washing (then acid washing) dishes??

1 word:


my brain just can't handle the lack of critical thinking or god.. even just interesting thinking involved with this "monkey work" (that's what my boss calls it).


  1. Unfortunately I've become very talented at doing mindless monkey work very fast!
    At least I do get to use my head for some stuff on the papers-

    But doing the barcodes with guaranteed serial numbers on software labels I bet was worse than your stuff!
    The puter was off-line-

    I'm smart, too- n hate wasting my talents- At least you have a puter to putter on a bit!

    The trick is, to think of totally something else while you do that stuff- Walk AND chew gum... (I write songs that way-)

  2. my problem is that I DO think of other things, and then I think, "I have to llok that up on the computer" "or I've got to email this person, or that person"

    it's become so frequent I'm getting on my own nerves