Friday, October 31, 2008

I had a dream.... and then I woke up

I was back at Wareham High- not as and 18 year old, but as my current 28 year-old self. And I was a student. Apparantly it was half way through the year or so, and I had not come to class since september or something. I couldn't remember where my locker was. hmmm. i walk by the computer labs on the first floor to see Jeff Turlik teaching a class. He was in front of the class playing a song on his guitar. It was a recent Coldplay song. I stopped to listen (I like coldplay). Upon finsihing he says something along the lines of "many people consider this very harsh style in rock".. and all I could think was, I dont' think so.. but I woulld say System of a down or Serj Tankian as fairly harsh music..

I move on.. head upstairs via the foyer, and see Nik O. We wave and smile, and he mentions something about a reunion as I go past. I did not seem to think this was not normal- as if we've been friends since the days of Hammond school... lol I see Jeff T as I round the corner, and I say, "hey Jeff, what's going on?" his reply- "I'm Mr. Turlik here", "oh crap", I say, " I forgot", he says, "many other students are forgetting to call me that too". I wanted to ask him when he left Blue-Man Group,and went back to teaching, but he was gone.

I turn left and head down the hall and see the Phinn-dog. and we get talking. I say I don't remember what class I'm supposed to be in, and he brings me down to the teacher prep area- (which never existed when I was a student) at the end of the hall. The back window area was made in to a very nice very large teacher room. so big I think they took out 2 science rooms and had that space incorporated. I say to Malcom, 'wow this is a huge teacher's room", he says, "oh this isn't the real teacher room, this is the prep area", I said, "This room can fit three of my husband's teacher's room from where he teaches at" (wtf?) Oh and some how I managed to get my paws onto a Woodchuck, Hard Cider. And was drinking it. at school. legally.

so Malcolm tryis to get me to tell him why I haven't come to school in several months, that I've missed a lot of classes, and won't be able to pass the year. I don't remember saying anything. I remember other students coming in and watching tv.

I can't remember anything after that. I think I woke up.

All this reunion buzz has got my brain remembering some weird shit.. and yes I was on a first name basis with teachers. not so weird in real life, as I am no longer a student, but a bit odd for a student to be on a first name basis. oh and the other weird thing. Nik and I were never really friends, not that we hated each other, just not friends.

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  1. Wow, finally checked your blog n it's a new post! I giggled a bit, strange tale! n Why would anyone quit Blue Man?

    Sounds like kinda an anxiety Dream, I've been having a few myself. I've had lots of reunions already. Some of my classmates (dotcom) are on that website too- like the dude I kissed in the school play who ended up being Nanny's anestesiologist. I do consider past fiends friends after all this time, if they've apologized that is!

    I had a weird dream about you this week- I'll just say you were a kid again, n Please stay away from garbage compactors!

    Well, at least you weren't naked at school!