Sunday, November 30, 2008

December already?!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. We did. We spent the afternoon at my aunt and uncle's. It was mellow, and great. By mellow, I mean we were all able to be seated at 1 table, I think, for the first time ever, in the Wallace Thanksgiving History books. lol. so what if my kids filled up on snacks and wanted nothing to do with the dinner. Evan kept entertained by entertaining Uncle Don with sports peg board games, and Kevin shared his Wii. All was good. Evan fell asleep on the ride home, and Liam only got cranky when he realized he was hungry... and he was happy with the cheez-its.

We recieved Evan's school picture a week or so ago, it's amazing to see the difference in just one year... he is getting older and older looking each day. It's crazy and makes me feel old. lol

We've been so busy the last few weeks that Ican't believe December is tomorrow! And did I mention I'm ecstatic about driving to my sisters this weekend? Google says it should take 2 hours 40 minutes, but I don't drive the speed limit on Rt 2 or 495, so I expect that it will take less time than that if I don't have to make any stops, and with a travel time beginning at nap time, I don't plan on making stops.. let's hope Ev doesn't have to pee. lol We made it to Newton without any stops. It's possible. maybe.

It's been far too long since I saw my sister and nephews last, a year. It was last Christmas last time we were able to get together. Cost of gas during the warm season prohibited any long distance driving, except the week we spent in VT on vacation that we had planned before gas got super expensive. But it was worth it, we had a good time.

I've got to get the gifts wrapped up before we head down on Friday, and clothes to pack, not to mention, helping in Ev's class tomorrow, a day off Wedsday because dayceare is closed, and Evan's doctor's appointment, and teacher conference before we leave on Friday! AHH! why do I do this to myself. lol.


  1. Just wait til both kids are doing separate activities n appointments, then have to go to the ER or something!
    Motherhood is a grand juggle- or dash, as it seems once they're grown.
    At least you don't have to pick them up at midnight after working all day yet... That was zombie driving!
    Good luck on the ride- be seeing you soon!

  2. hi been a long time but as I always am I am late (Mised The thangiving wishes..) But thought I would get a Marry Christmas in befor I miss that


  3. hi family I missed Thanksgiving,but am not missing Chrismas, so your family have a great holl-a-day & a great New Year from:
    Buddy(Me),Lucy,Spot & "pal"

  4. Hi there, it's January!
    I've just challenged you to the list "7 facts about yourself" meme. They can be anything you want. It just took me a week to do this cause I think too much, plus I had to work n didn't have much time.

    Just thought it would give ya something fun to post on your blog. Plus, I wanna read it! I'll be back soon-