Sunday, May 17, 2009

junior prom: revisited

Jason and I went to the junior prom last night and had a nice time. my first prom was back in 1997, and my god, have things changed...

I realized that i have fallen off the hot and current music bandwagon, and apparantly it was some time ago. lol.. Us adults were playing name the tune, and the winner was clearly the 21 year old girlfriend of the new math teacher. ha. They played only 1 rock song, 3 slow songs, the new electric-twice, and the marcarena-ugh... no ymca, no twist, no shout.. none of what one would usually hear at a party. that was odd.

I realized that i also fell off the fashion bandwagon, and half the prom dresses worn, i didn't classify as prom dresses.. when did the mini prom dress become the latest style? just seemed weird to me, as I don't think anyone ever wore a a fancy mini dress to the prom, and i'm not talking just a shorter than floor length dress, i really do mean Mini.. as in barely covers the ass... it was at that point when I realized all the adult women where wearing black dresses... except the principal who was wearing a dressy pants style getup, that had black pants and a gold top, it was nice. Some girls wore flapper style outfits, i had no idea that was coming back. lol.

I realized that kids today dance in the same manner as we did as teenagers... don't the realize that "grinding" is soooo 10 years ago?! and then there was the everybody slow dancing to a song that sounded upbeat to us... and it wasn't even the end of the night when everyone was tired either.

I realized that the adults were concerned about where the dessert was..... and then it showed up.. score.. warm apple crisp! and then we were all about "where's the coffee?".

I realized that the last 30 minutes were the longest 30 minutes EVER, the other adults all seemed to notice to as we all had our phones out checking the time every 2 minutes.

I realized I learned to drive in heels last night! lmao.. it wasn't so bad. and if you know me you know that i don't normally wear dresses, let alone high heels. I think the last time I wore heels was at my wedding.

If you have talked to me in the recent weeks I may have told you about a dozen times that I was going to the prom.. Very excited about it. lol.. It was super fun to tell people I was going to the prom, considering my age, people looked at me funny, and I was highly looking forward to a night out of free food, and no kids. it's true. funny how your priorities change when you grow older...

all in all a nice time :)


  1. something.... lol, and you told me many more times than mentioned here, lmao!

  2. Wow, I'm not the first comment again-
    It is funny how your perspective of what's fun changes when you become sleep-deprived parents!
    Prom sounds like a really fun thing to do, especially if you know the kids.
    The music may've given me a head-ache tho- That's what happens after 20 years from your first prom...