Monday, July 27, 2009

how did mom's do it back in the day... staying home with the kids for so long...

If you haven't checked out the pictures that Christine took, then you should.. I only have a few of my own as my only camera is on my phone. We had a pretty good week if I do say so myself. Of course there were funny things and frustrating things, but whatever... go with the flow, right? Poor Brady got poison ivy from the little park at the Allen street school. oops. my kids never got poison ivy there, but she did comment that it may have been growing under the stairs. Thankfully It's not that bad of a case of it, but still crappy nonetheless. We had fun playing at the park
. We also enjoyed the parks at North Parish, Green River School, and Unity Park.
Another day I dragged the gang to Yankee Candle, not so shop, but to play. They have never been!
we were playing the trumpeting horns like band geeks.. lol.. The funny thing is Christine tried first unsuccessful, but then I did, and I was successful!! (funny seeing as how she was the one who played the wind instruments while I played percussion) then she tried again and wanted to try taps but the opening was too small to do this without an actual mouthpiece. We taught Ev and James how to play it like a trumpet too. I don't even want to think about all the germs that were on that thing. whatever.. Liam playing it reminded me of those Ricola cough drop commercials.
Several times we played in the sprinkler that Christine brought (and left for us, accidentally)
let's rub mud on each other
the boys had a blast playing the the resulting mud puddle.
Evan and James were pretty much inseparable except when there were shenanigans and biting. Poor Brady was very sensitive to Liam telling him No! all the time. but if we told Liam to be nice he would then gesture to brady to c'mon that it was okay.. It was frustrating and cute all at the same time.
My sister takes more pictures than I do. Surprised?? not me. I think it's genetic. we can't do cartwheels either. never could and I don't know of a single cousin on my mom's side that could.
One of the nights she asked me where we could go to see some mountains.. "in Greenfield?" i said... "I think you actually have to be in the mountains... oh wait we can go to Poet's Seat Tower.." and so we did, and I nearly drove by the road. lol We saw the most gorgeous sunset. It was bright red and unfortunately our cameras didn't catch the color

On Saturday the weather was finally good enough to head to the River Beach! and so we did we got wet splashed and played in the sand. Can anyone else in Western Ma do a backfloat besides me? I have not found anyone that can.. I find this odd and so does my sister. as we were leaving the kids decided to get wet in the puddle in the parking lot.
only my kids swim in the big ass puddle at the swim area...
. weirdos.. the water was really warm though!

apparantly I was betty crocker 90% of the week and Christine was the maid. not intentional though and not to say she didn't cook and I didn't clean, but that's how it worked out.


  1. What a riot! I laughed alot reading thru this- Betty n the maid...
    Glad you got to spend some good summer time together- wish I could've tagged along for the show!
    The "I am a human mudpie" pic is great! n so is the cross-eyed crazy one- You do well considering the media limitation!
    Will try to get time for loading BBM's pics soon-
    I don't know how I did it... but having Nancy around helped alot!

  2. having another mom with me most definatly helped!!

  3. you can't spell definitly either huh? I hate that word.