Saturday, January 16, 2010

I've been crafty

The last couple weeks or so I've been busy making these such items:

Latest item: the hat with a pom pom in a basketweave crochet stitch.. it's super warm as it's part wool. I finished the hat earlier today, and took me no time to do. Last week was the scarf which is long enough that it can wrap around my head and wrap my neck keeping me toasty warm on the days I can't seem to find my hat.. last week I also finally finsihed Evan's earflap hat, which he loves, and  because I had some spare yarn I made a head band too. lol.. then New years weekend was consumed by an impromtu quilting project of our own original design, which is nearly done now.. it's been sitting in a near complete stage the past week or so.. just some finishing touches on lettering and it's done.

What do you think?? I know not spending enough time watching the kids, but it's good to keep busy with all this cold. The husband is working on an afghan which we will be raffling off later this year. I have also become quite good at taking self portraits with my cell phone :)


  1. Hi Erica, I would have to agree you've been very crafty! Love your hats! Great colors and they look so warm and cozy too! My son Sean is also sporting the snaggle tooth look just like your son. He was so excited to lose one of his teeth on Christmas eve so Santa and the tooth fairy could come on the same night! Thanks so much for linking to my website...I appreciate that.

    Stay crafty and warm!


  2. Oh, I forgot to say how much I love your quilt too! The colors are fabulous and the design is awesome! Nice job!


  3. Wow, good job on all these crafty things!
    Love the portrait with the wrapped scarf n sunglasses- They look very comfy!
    Do like the headbands- saves me from ear-aches.
    Afraid to comment cus puter has been having coniptions- here I go...