Thursday, January 28, 2010

Surely I am surprised

that my sister nor my mom blogged about this weekend! (oh, and don't call me Shirley) Myself and the wee ones ventured down to 13th street for some family fun & debauchery. Friday night we arrived and the boys had a blast playing. On saturday we ventured out in the sunny and windy outdoors, to let the kids run amok at Hammond and expel some energy. Went fairly well. one child was cranky because he wanted to be pushed on the swings. but all in all it was a fun but chilly time.

we then prepared our family favorite Christmas cookies with halloween themed cookie cutters, and continued to get ready for a night of fun. which it was. the house was full of children, moms, & Pizza.. and briefly Scott was there begging for his brother to rescue him- he couldn't arrive fast enough! We hung out had a little wine, and even got mom to play guitar impromptu with a kid size piece. she tuned it and was good to go.. we got her to play rickety tickety tin, and then puff the magic dragon. Why is it that our kids weren't phased by the creepy song rickety tickety tin, which was a girl scout campfire favorite back in the day? They kids loved it! after a few hours people had to leave as the kiddos were up way past their bed times- well not mine.. mine are night owls and are up to 9-9:3 on a normal basis.


  1. whatever happened to that stinky cheese blog? I truly enjoyed your humorous stylings :D

  2. I just finished cropping some strange child pics from that visit! My puter is out of hard disk space, n have to keep dumping applications!
    Maybe I'll post a few pics if can decide- at least they're on D-drive!
    Your visit was lots of fun- was good to see you all. Hope you've recovered!
    You do seem more frequent lately!
    Here I go- will I post 2ce with puter freeze?

  3. btw, why don't you follow my blog.... *sob*

  4. i just followed you, but I was subscribed with google reader.

  5. I can't follow because I don't want to upgrade my template n lose all the links-