Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's a New Decade!

Holy bajeezus! Not only that, but I haven't posted since August. I'm a loser. I am busy, so so I seem to keep telling myself that. In June I started selling products with the Pampered Chef and since September I am members of 2 PTOs, one of which I am co-chair. And speaking of which I need to nail down agenda items for our meeting next week. on top of all that I have 2 kids, a full time job, and now a part time job, and a husband who bought an XBox. I can keep making excuses, but I think you get the idea.. I'm just too distracted to sit here and type up some stuff. It's not like a have a bunch of followers like my mother. She seems to be the blog queen of socialness!

So bring on the new decade, and let's hope this year brings on bigger and better opportunities, or how about atleast a year with minimal shit hitting the fan, and other crappy shit. We can all do without that. I was going add is some pics that highlighted the year but blogger seems to be farting or something and it doesn't seem to be working.
Hopefully I can be a little more regular for my blogger peeps. although you can find me on facebook and twitter if you feel so inclined


  1. I thought it was a new decade last year with the '00 number...
    At least you aptly named your blog!
    PTO is the parent-Teacher thing huh- like the old PTA.
    Oh, thanks for another free ad!
    I'll settle for a year that replaces the bad job with a better one, which lets me sleep!
    You know I thought I checked here last week- but didn't see this post...

  2. I thought I left you a comment a day or two ago and it's not there.. I wonder if blogger had a glitch.

    i guess your right with the decade thing. whatever lol