Friday, January 7, 2011

Shower does not equal Bath

all I wanted to do tonight was relax in a bath, but I couldn't. Instead I had to settle for a shower. It's just not the same.. the only time I ever get to take a bath is when we go somewhere else, like a hotel, and I make a point to take a bath. you can't read in the shower, or submerse your body (*maybe* half of it as an adult).. no candles or even the room to spread out in any degree. It's been a wonky week. Deadlines at work, and a best friend who moved to Austin, Tx for the unforeseeable future, to go be with her son who has been living with his dad for the last year year b/c he is a sleazy d-bag, and who is also brainwashing her son to thinking she is crazy. She's not, not even close. so I just wanted a relaxing bath, and couldn't so I did the best i could.. I leaned against the way and turned the spray to "massage" or whatever. It sorta worked... not really. I mean, showers just aren't relaxing you feel the need to clean and wash your hair, so I did, even though I had taken a shower this morning and didn't do anything strenuous all day. and now I will prob go to bed with wet hair, and tomorrow my hair will look all weird.. but i can blow dry it, or even use the flat iron if I feel so inclined.

Hell I would just like to be able to sleep without being woken up by a child for atleast a 2 night stretch. that isn't asking too much, is it? Often it is Liam complaining of leg/knee/feet pain in need of a good rub and often wakes up crying 3 or 4 times in a 3 hour stretch of time.. usually the 3 when I finally get to bed, or my final three, so most days I'm a walking zombie- albeit less noticeable with a good cup off coffee.. other days it's one or both of the kids trying to squeeze into our bed. Evan often sleep walks into our bed when he wakes and doesn't realize he does it. Liam does it b/c he's a cuddler, or needs a leg rub. Liam atleast is still pretty portable and easily relocated to bed. When was the last time you tried to gently bring a 70lb lump 15-20ft to another room without hitting a door jam, or the frame of the top bunk? yeah didn't think so.. not an easy feat, and do able when we're awake. Not so much when we are sleeping.

I feel that myself and all my other friends who are moms need to co-author a book titled "Stuff the other parenting books don't tell you about being a parent". First item: Laundry, and the massive amounts that your family will create, and you won't be able to keep up with. Second: Dishes, same theory as 'Laundry'. Third the child's inane ability to mimic the Tazmanian Devil after you spent the last several hours picking up their crap, OR they're inane ability to undo what you've been cleaning at the same rate at which you have been cleaning, but not in an area adjacent to where you are working so when you pop back into the other room, you nearly shit your pants as your jaw hits the floor and you swear at the mess. Fourth: eating until your cupboards are bare, and they still complain they are hungry, but are then magically full when you offer the item that is left... until they are hungry.. rinse lather repeat. lol.

That is all for now.. gotta think about bed, ya know


  1. Don't feel bad- when you're all sore like me n old- the shower actually hurts instead of feeling good!
    N sleep is really way too much to ask for until you're kids are at least in junior High! then they do activities n you're driving them like a taxi service all over at all hours. It takes a miracle worker to stay cheery... but some days they'll be out all day, or night! Then you'll worry about them! Oh it gets even better...
    Oooo yawn, I should be sleeping now myself!

    Good rant post about the joys of parenthood!
    (Ya mean ya don't remember doing all that stuff to me?)

  2. no, i don't recall climbing into your bed. I used to help you with the laundry unlike my older counterpart. dishes... never did like to do dishes. I also don't recall trashing the apartment, but I'm sure i did it.. it's a kid thing lol

  3. Yep, still waiting for that new post!

    I'm rather sickly right now- n bummed cus my thermometer just broke! I'm using temp to figure out if I need the ER- now I can't tell if my hi temp went down- grh!
    Hoping I can mail something out Weds if can drive-

  4. I did shit my pants once(and not so so long ago,) but you SO do not need to know that.

    Moving right along...

    I am totally all about baths too, not showers. Why stand when you can recline, indeed.

    Hope my Pampered Chef order came through good.


  5. Shoot, Snaggle has a fever, not good.