Friday, July 27, 2012

it's all lies except the part about me having a crap ton of green vegetables.....

I was recently on the street corner near my house and had two large green things in my hands. I was waving frantically with them shouting "ZUCCHINIS, CUCUMBERS!" take them- FREE!


  1. ooo I want some! Haven't had any Zuch all summer at $1.79/lb. Deck cukes haven't produced any yet- but tons of flowers-

  2. I've got a couple baby ones growing so if they are still relatively fresh by Labor day I will bring you some! I will probably come down with basil too atleast.. maybe some purple peppers and tomatoes- but you don't like tomatoes, but Brady does. who knows

  3. I'll gladly take anything- so wanting produce. My cukes I picked today are 2 inch ball shapes... will take tomatoes to stew n put in rice no prob- having a hungry summer. My pepper seeds never sprouted either- Thanks!