Sunday, August 5, 2012

Semi-Staycation is done

It was vacation week over in the Burns' household. It wasn't as originally planned but it was nice all the same. Last week I was in Cohasset working hard- 12+ hours a day heavy lifting, on my feet, waking up at 5 am and being careful around poison ivy (which I got anyway). Came home Friday night and woke up at 5 again to go to a Pampered Chef meeting hosted by Home Office, and it was a blast! And from there Jason and the kids picked me up and we went to NYC for a couple of days. We saw the Statue of Liberty, went bowling, went to the Met and had dinner at Hard Rock cafe. We also went to the USS Intrepid Museum. We had a great time. :) We had wanted to do other things locally following the NYC trip but we ran out of money as the previous week not only did Jason need to get a root canal, we had to get the oven fixed b/c when we turned it on, gas was leaking and while he was here we had him fix the dryer because it was making an awful noise. So needless to say we were sort some vacation money.

I was able to have a nice staycation at home, though. I relaxed went to the river beach and visited with my neighbors. unfortunately though I have also been suffereing from insomnia the last couple weeks and I must say that it's getting old. I have never had insomnia before and always wondered. Now that I have to work tomorrow I would like to go to sleep at a reasonable hour....


  1. Get some vit D 1000 mg- will increase Melatonin n help you sleep, n Chamomile tea. Not good to be so tired then drive! Lately I can't sleep enough- but stay up a few, sleep a few is the pattern usually. work does me in... Any vaca is good!
    Good luck!

  2. I think what happened is that I gave myself "jet-lag" without actually travelling anywhere exotic. I had a week of waking up at 5am followed by a week and a half of sleeping until 8:30/9 or later! It's like I went to California, but no I was at home lol. Once I got back to work my normal schedule returned. yay!

  3. I'm all misty seeing Blobby on your profile pic today!