Thursday, February 21, 2013

that "certain age" where your body says F-U

I have been in my 30's now for a couple years and it has been a pretty good run thus far. I don't know why people get so bent out of shape when they turn 30. It's pretty much the same as 29 only different in the sense  of how 29 is different from 28, etc...

I have noticed in the past couple years I suffer from PMS like I never had before. I still get confused by it. Why can I be an instant bitch with zero tolerence, and go into full on must-clean-the-entire-house-while consuming-all-the-chinese-food-and-pizza-in-this-town, 6 hours later. I don't get it....and then I get a headache that I suffer through for a few hours before I realize I can take tylenol for that. Also, what's with the acne moving from my face to my neck? wtf ya'll?

The most recent thing I'm trying to figure out is my love/hate relationship with caffeine.

Here's how  it used to be:
I'm 20 and I can drink all the caffeine I want and still fall asleep at a reasonable hour!
I'm 30 and I can't drink caffeine after 3 otherwise I am up half the night!
I'm 32.5 and I can't drink caffeine after noon otherwise I am up half the night!

That's right folks, I have had insomnia for the last 6+ months or so hit or miss, but sometimes running for several weeks at a time. I think figured out that it's related to my caffeine intake. Now let me just clarify and say that I don't drink obscene amounts of caffeine. An "average" day I would drink a normal size cup -16oz in the morning and sometimes some soda for lunch or at dinner time. Rarely did I drink it all three times, and sometimes, I'd only have my morning cup worth, if at all. so in the last several weeks, maybe a month or so now, I have given up ALL but my morning cup of coffee for caffeine. I have also stopped caffeinated soda as part of the "my body has become sensitive to caffeine" testing trial.(with the exception of this past weekend at my sisters b/c my sleeping got all out of whack anyway- I needed the boost)

Since I have given up the other doses of caffeine I have been falling asleep around or atleast tired enough for sleep around 10/11pm which is waaaay better than the 12:30/1am I have been accustomed to for the last year atleast... especially when one's alarm goes off at 6am to get the rugrats and herself to school and work and make lunch and shower all before we try to leave the house at 7:30 to drop the kids at school. It's no easy feat on a good nights sleep, never mind chronically only getting 5-6 hours of sleep. Trying to catch up on missed sleep on the weekend always ended up in insomnia again by monday because it's like I moved to LA and shifted my sleep schedule by three hours.

I digress, cutting back the caffeine has helped significantly in terms of ability to fall asleep. I however still drag during some afternoons and get into a zombie like state, which isn't good when I'm driving and the whole reason why I would have the afternoon boost. This hasn't happened recently or often or while driving so that's okay I guess.

Tonight though, I am tired.. as in it's only 8 'clock and I could fall asleep right now, but instead my kids are going crazy and I'm Skyping with my sister, tired.


  1. OH my gosh! I thought it was just weird stuff happening to me, but your caffeine / age list fits me perfectly. What is up with that? Ten years ago, I could drink a cup of regular coffee at 8 pm and be sound asleep at 10. Now, if it is 1:30 in the afternoon, and I want a cup, I really struggle with the decision!

  2. Do you watch Ghosthunters? Well I follow one of the former members on Twitter and she turned 30 all that not long ago,and she commented on things that have weirdly gotten different since she turned 30 and I was all "Holy shit, it's not just me!"

    The whole caffeine thing makes me feel old as now have to request decaf coffee all.the.time.

    I am however, thankful I haven't spotted any grey hair yet!

  3. I'll spare you what happens when you turn 45 then. Suffice it involves not being about to read a damn thing close than 30 inches from your face. Plan on buying multiple pair of cheater glasses because your memory will start to go too. Sigh.

  4. holy baby jeebus. I'm expecting the glasses thing. I feel like that has been mentioned a bunch of times, and I used to have glasses when I was a kid.

    also, my memory is already shot... I say consider yourself lucky if it only just started in you 40's!

  5. As long as you don't forget your kids at pick-up time! Have you tried any Ginko yet?
    I've always had insomnia, up until past 2am thru my 30's. Glasses needed at 43, but did soldering with them before that as magnifiers. Just wait until the hot flashes sweep you away...

  6. Comment thingy below isin't publishing... so here's that one:

    My computer is still very constipated (connection, memory), especially loading pics in a separate tab one at a time here- Why I hate Chrome- it just gives up n keeps giving blank squares to wonder at. Wish I had time to sled down the bluffs with you- Looks like fun!
    Diane shot is hilarious!