Monday, June 20, 2005

career change

i need a job change. as much as i would love to do tv stuff, i've accepted the fact that is has to wait... at least to be getting paid for it. i can do stuff at the greenfield tv station, but that requires time. so for months i've been looking in the want ads for jobs, and the other day i thought of real estate. i think i might take the class at Umass or GCC if they have it, and try that. atleast for now while i have a young child. i would like to have another baby soon, but with my current job i would want to be pregnant and be driving all over hell and back all the time. it just wouldn't be pleasant. not to mention the risk that evan was three weeks early... yeah i wouldn't feel safe. so while looking at a house magazine out of boredom i thought perhaps i should get into real estate. it's worth a shot, and hey i might actually enjoy the job.

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