Tuesday, July 12, 2005


hum drum hum drum....

yeah.. i'm bored at the moment. evan's in bed and jason and tyler are watching empire on abc... a show i couldn't get into. i finished reading the Closers by michael connelly and am in the process of waiting for some books of his i bought on ebay to show up at my door, b/c he ismy favorite author. what did you say? what do you mean i have time to read? yeah only after evan goes to b ed, but when the book gets you sucked init's hard to put down and i've been known to let evan run amok in the back yard with the hose dribbling some water while i sit cozy in the chaise looking up once in a while... it's even better when the neighbor's come over to play b/c they keep evan occupied.

i could play my computer game, but it's 10:30 something and that too sucks you in once you play.. hate to stop. altho when you die and reload and realize you haven't saved in a while.. that's usually a good stopping point.

perhaps i'll head up to bed soon.. i've been pooped. that week off of work really did me in i guess... made me lazier, is that a word? oh well... if it's not i'll hear the wrath of nanny in my sleep. always correcting our speech, she was.

evan's doing well with going to bed on his own... he has stopped throwing up due to crying so we've been able to let him calm himself to go to bed... last night was 20 min, and tonight was shy of 15... didn't notice he stopped. oh well. people say it only takes 3 nights. i wonder if tht's just an average.

i have a toy party on sunday at 2:30 you should come. there will be some food there. btw. bring a friend or two. let them bring their babies. i have a kiddie pool they can play in.

jason had a job interview this afternoon at some charter school in fitchburg. jay says it went well, and i hope something good comes of it... altho it is an hour commute. beggers can't be chosers.

i'm grateful i don't have tourists constantly driving me crazy during the summer. sorry mom. sucks for you. but you should be grateful it's only for 3 months and not 9 months of college students being assholes and idiots all over the place. they don't know how to drive, those little snobby brats from CT.

mom, if i don't remeber to mail you out your next dvd, i'll bring it with me when i'm in the area next. how do you like the show? it's addicting... perhaps i should just mail it tomorrow when i'm not working. i'll have to find an envelope.

later, sleepiness is taking over, and i had the need to blog so i did


  1. I didn't like / watch Empire either. Something about all those violent men trying to dominate it all...
    Lazier is a word!
    Fuel went up a dime since last week, so not going to make the next trip, sorry, so broke... last trip only cost 18, but really need a new in source...
    Did u get my postcard yet?
    Y I like the show, y is addicting, their $$ luck is like mine... lately, oh well, I expect that to change, Cha Ching! soon...
    not too DVD desparate yet.
    Hey the butterfly plant is pretty purple, something is chewing on it so doing spay n garlic this week, 3 more blooms on the way

  2. P.S.
    Be careful what you wish for.
    ... I'm sure you don't want too much excitement...