Friday, July 22, 2005

Summer days

so it's been determined my evan's nurse at the dr's that he has hand, foot and mouth. apparantly it's very common in young children/babies in the summer. and it's contagious. according to (an online baby doctor site i love) it's mostly contagious through the saliva.... hmm who was drooling on him that he caught this virus? who's kid was running around just drooling on everything.. i have no idea but it's funny to imagine. we had all thought he was working on his 2-year molars, which i s'pose it still could have been, but more likely it was the mouth sores associated with the virus. they didn't give us any medicine for it, and it should go away in about a week. i did call the dr's again this mornign to ask if there was anything i can do for the blisters on his feet b/c they seem to be bugging him when he walks (they're on his soles!) poor little guy. he is otherwise fine and happy though, which is all good.

i finally got my first sunburn of the season last week when i went to go visit amy in nh. my back got fried. and from that day it's confirmed that evan has daddy's skin. evan has the french skin that tans and not the pasty scottish skin that burns. thank god. i'm not sure i'd wish it on anyone i care about. i'll never forget the time i burnt my butt falling asleep at the beach by my house... not my whole butt, but the outer parts that were exposed thanks to my suit. i couldn't sit comfortably for days. now i wear those suits that have those little skirts to hide my fat thighs. it's not an old lady one tho.. atleast i don't think so.

evan looks very cute in his babe-in-suit as we say around here. look at that little gut. what a porker. he is so funny these days talking up a storm. mostly words we can't decipher, but it's cute all the same. it's amazing these little kids can learn so much so quickly.

later all, i'm gonna get reading on some HP

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  1. Did u see "Meet the Parents" movie yet? There's a nephew baby, little Jack, doing sign language and learning to say a-ole.... but the point is, they say between 1 and 2 years, babies learn more and quicker than any other time in life. Hmmmmm...