Friday, July 22, 2005

word of the week

FRUITLOOP - 1. verb. To forget something you earlier remebered. 2. adj. to be a goober

in a sentence: Tammy totally fruitlooped about the party on sunday and forgot to come even though she remembered in the morning. After realizing she was such a fruitloop she was going to call, but fruitlooped that too before she got the email wondering where she was.

Video Store: "hi this is video to go, and the matrix revolutions dvd you returned is missing disc one"
me: "oops, i totally fruitlooped and forgot it in the dvd player"
video store: "that's ok, it's a common mistake"
me: "after my son wake's up, i'll be glad to bring it over"

i'm such a bonehead sometimes. lol


  1. Although fun and colorful, apparently frootlooping can be embarrassing...

  2. your whole life is a fruit loop!!! "ha ha" my ass!!!

  3. Lately, I've reverted to my fav childhood cereal, "Apple Jacks" acuz they were 2/4$5...
    Is that similar?

  4. they had apple jacks when you were a kid???? i had no idea they were that old!!!!