Wednesday, December 7, 2005


so after i put up my little map to keep track of people who visit my site.. i've discovered i have a lurker who live in the area of southern kansas.... it could be pan-handle OK i suppose.... but i don't think so

i'm just curious who else is out there...


  1. That's cool. The midwest. Do you know anybody out there? Or maybe it's a secret admirer.

  2. Wow, what a non-descript huge bubble! makes ya wanna get the Bux version to zoom in, doesn't it?
    Come-on Lurky, leave a comment!
    Could be Arizona too...

  3. OK according to this "smaller cluster map zoom in, it looks like Kansas or South Dakota

  4. i only know people who live in IL, and TN... and that's definatly not either of those.... could it be missouri....?

    oh well.. it's not a big deal.. i'm jsut curious.. it appears as though they visit alot... about as much as us in MA.... as you can see MA is totally covered by the big red dot... lol

    i'm too cheap to pay for any service on my blog.. lol

  5. I'm way cheaper than you... just broke the last $20 to buy card stamps!
    Def not makin the big pahty this wknd, Sorry!

  6. not a problem.. i think we'll be digging out of the snow for days to come by the sounds of

  7. The counter I use on my blog has a map like that. If you hold the cursor over the red dots, it tells you where the person lives and even who their internet server is.

    Since I started using blog community services (there are buttons for them at the top of my blog), I have been getting readers from all over the world. I have a few from Malaysia and a couple from Israel who seem to consistently read. The blog communities are free and bring in a ton of readers.

  8. here's a visitor from Tacoma, WA--west coast...