Wednesday, December 14, 2005

holy cold!

i can't *believe* how cold it is right now... and it's not even offically winter yet... the weather guy this morning said it was like -2 out out... and the forecast doesnt look any better... the bitter cold is the one thing that sespise about about winter... the snow i like... i've always liked... mom and i made a killer snowman back in 97 during the blizzard on april fools day... i have a picture somewhere... it ended up taller than us... (not short jokes!) when i was a kid i used to wear glasses., and when i would go sledding across the street (we were definaly spoiled with that) i would put them in my pocket. well one time i couldn't find my glasses. i'm sure i wsa in trouble but honestly i can't remember... but i do remember finding them like 5 years later smooshed into the dirt on the side of the hill that faced our house. still intact, but the lens were scratched... not surprised due to all teh sledding that occured there. and the fact that we would go sledding until the sleds wouldn't go anymore... there would be to patches of snow left and we would go sledding... there would be more leaves than snow and we would be out there. that hill was great.. there were so many options gor snow paths, and we even created a few.

the best side of the hill was the most dangerous, and in order to sled safely here you couldn't sled alone, for teh street was at the bottom and across the street was the beach. one person would stand at the bottom of the hill to watch traffic. and the other wo9uld manage to climb to the top and finally make it after several attempts at falling down because the hill was steep. when ready adn traffic all clear the the traffic controller would give the go-ahead.. and off you went.. and unless you rolled off your sled at the bottom (there was a 5 ft strech before the road) you would cross the street and stop on the otehr side just shy of going in the water. lol... thank goodness for that pole and wire "fence" they had down there... it saved christine form swimming several times... defiantly good times...

there was one time christine and i walked the back way (through the woods and across cranberry bogs) to the golf course to go sledding.. see we didn't have cars or our liscenses so we had to walk, but we had snow tubes... and there was this great hill in there we had to go one.. it was proabably a good mile to get there... the slide downt he hill was priceless.. it's was amazing...

we're at the top.. christine goes first... weeeeee... it was so fast!!! sweet! so she's down there about 30 ft from the bottom of the hill laughing her head off... so i sit on my tube and shout "i'm coming down!".... she *tries* to get up.... she says "wait! it's all ice.. i can't get up" (or something like that) but it's too late i'm on my way. she's holding onto her tube, and i go flying straight into her... and we both go flying... how far i went i don't remember.. but i'm sure this is the *only* time this happened... it was hilaroius... we were both okay and laughing hysterically. after being able to catch our breaths from laughing we *tried* to get up.. we were stuck.. the ice seemed to streach way beyond where we ended up and i remember it took us a while and several times of falling down to get off the ice. it was good times... and one of the more enjoyable times i spent with my sister growing up... this memory has amazingly managed to stay in my brain all these years.. and many memories have slipped my mind.. but this one will stay.

i only now realize how spolied we were to have such great sleeding grounds across the street. we have no hills nearby for evan to go sledding on. the neighbor has a "slope" in her yard.. lol.. it's not even a hill... the nearest hill is at the school.. which we'd have to drive to.. when he's older though he'll be able to walk, so until then we're on a hunt for the best little hill to drive to....


  1. It is wicked cold outside. That's why I'm not going out there except to take the dog out to pee. I swear it's going to freeze before it hits the ground.

    Sledding is hard to do around here. There aren't many hills. A lot of kids go up to Beacon field but it's so busy I worry about taking my little one up there. I don't want her to get mowed over. I think some kids sled up at North Parish on their hill on Silver Street side. I usually just pull Ella around the yard on her sled. But right now it's too cold to do anything outside.

  2. BTW, thanks for the reminder that the weather will suck all week. I blame the people at 22 news.

  3. That's why ya need to pile the shoveled snow up in one place to make your own hill... or get the plow guy to make one!

    I was spoiled growing up too, because we lived a block from Arlbemarle Golf course, n tobagganed down the side of a mountain! Since I moved away they took down most of the slope n fenced the top for better golfing.