Wednesday, December 21, 2005

almost christmas

there's the weather report this week... not so bad really... and it's hard to see but on christmas they're saying snow and rain.. wooo! picking up that shit sucks.. we have this crfappy frozen snow all over the place out here... the ice is super treacherous. lol.. after dropping off evan at daycare, i got stuck on her ice... her entire giant driveway was covered... thankfully melly came out and helped me push. jason said that when i went to pick up evan that matt was putting sand down... perhaps i preempted that move.. but melly siad she got stuck on the ice twice the other day... lol

so it's almost christmas. i find it hard to believe... and that this year has gone way too fast. they time flies when your having fun.. or i also find that it often flies as you get older. that's okay, it's all good. our christmas shopping is complete.. wait.. except i gotta buy a little $5 thing for teh gift swap at daycare tomorrow... i'll get soemthing later when i'm out. i need to get soemthing for said daycare provider too. something simple... perhaps a amaryllis or something. i don't know.. wait! a chia pet :) that's it... i'll get her one of those, but it'll be from evan of course...

we haven't put out any presents yet. we're afraid that evan may decide to open them all up, so we're waiting. evan got a bunch of books and clothes from us that we colelcted over the last 6 months... i htink we only got him like 2 small toys... oh well that's what other people are for.

we shipped out a box to my mom's with their stuff in it... only one gift is missing, and it's my nephew's... it's not done, and i'm almost positive his mom wouldn't appreciate a gift loaded with safety pins :) in the spirit of the season here's a picture of it, so you can atleast see what it looks like...
and for anyone we forgot to send a Christmas card... here's the photo from that too:

so that's it for this post i guess... not tha interesting, i apologize... but everyone out there i wish : Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukuh, happy yule, happy solstice, happy kwanzaa, happy new year, and any other holiday in the next couple weeks that i forgot... (i'm not afraid to say the C-word!)


  1. The "C" word? Let's hope you're talking about "Christmas"...LOL.

    I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. I hope Evan has great fun and I also hope it doesn't snow.

  2. of course i'm refering to "christmas"

  3. That's a quilt, wow alot of work! Don't worry, I sent a toy, no clothes for Ev. Hope ya get it bef Sat
    Have fun, n don't slide on the ice unless you're skating...