Monday, April 24, 2006

don't worry ... i'm still here

hi all-- it was a busy week for us. jason had the week off from work for school vacation and he did a bunch of stuff around the house while i was at work and evan was at daycare. i even had to work an extra day to go to a meeting on worcester. so it's felt like a long week to me. the weather was fantastic though, minus the weekend which wa a wash... well needed, but a wash out.. in fact it's stlil washing out and it's monday. they say it'll stop, that the rain will turn scattered, but i don't know.

we turned a section of the driveway into a patio by moving the fence. we really wanted to make a patio with paving stones or a wood deck in that spot. but we're just too poor to do that. so we've got the driveway patio, which is fine until someday we can build a deck. for some reason one of teh previous homeowners decided he needed a driveway that could hold a convoy of about 10 cars on his little plot of land. last year we knocked off 8 feet of the driveway and we trapped 10ft intothe back yard and that still leaves us enough room for about 5 cars... 6 if they park on the grass. i don't know what they were thinking... perhaps they had parties all the time.

so i went to the rabies clinic and it went fine and not terribly long... the cat was suprisingly good too. she didn't bite! she bit a vet tech once a couple years ago, so now i warn them. our cat is prissy an ddoesn't like anyone touching her she doesn't know. so evan missed teh aprty next door... i'm not heartbroken... i wasn't at the clinic that long, but evan fell asleep while i was in there and he was in the car with jay. he didn't wake up till almost four, so that worked out perfect. on friday while we were planting stuff int eh garden, linda was bitching about having about 20 4-year olds at the house.. and all i could think was "you're the one who invited them all lady" i bet she was annoyed that the party had to be inside b/c of the weather... anyone who'se been in a house around here, knows that accomodating that many kids isn't easy. no open floor plan houses here that's for sure. i must say that ray did a great job cleaning up the yard in anticipation of the kids having to play in it... part of me felt bad though when i only saw 3 or 4 cars at the house. linda said that she was gonna ask the parents to stay with the kids and that means there were only a couple kids there. oh well

crap i've got to run and wake up the undead... i mean the 2 year-old


  1. So the next time I come up for a BBQ there'll be more lounge space but no where to park... ?
    At least ya got to some yard stuff- I haven't begun yet-

    Still waiting to see if the butterfly plant is still alive.

    Glad Cailyn got her shot without incident.

  2. even though we took away a bunch of the driveway we still have room for atleast 4 cars in the driveway, 6 can fit if 2 go on the grass on the side. :) the backyard looks way bigger now too! much more open and the grass is comng along nicely!

    all of my butterfly plants are at different stages of aliveness. one is just barely showing signs.. i can see 4 itty bitty leaves on the base. the other 2 are slightly ahead of that one. they apparantly are late bloomers.