Wednesday, April 5, 2006

we just got bitch-slapped by mother nature

just when you think spring is here for good, and winter is down the shitter until november, we got snow... last week was absolutely gorgeous! sunny warm in the 70's it was pretty much perfect except for the lack of rain... march was the drieston record for almost a hundred years. we're getting rain this week, which is fine, great in fact- we're trying ot grow grass (again). and then it goes and snows yesterday. WTF! thankfully gfield isn't getting the snow this morning that the rest of the valley is.. they've got about an inch and upto 3 inches in the mountains... ha ha suckers...

why does mother nature have to do this to us? atleast it wasn't a blizzard like that one back in '97 on april fools day. mom and i built a snowman that was taller than us... (but we're not that tall.. i max out at 5'5.5") but it was alot of snow to say the least. but i digress. can't our new england weather make sense... just once during a season change over... i don't think that's asking too much.

so the time changed this past weekend, and for the first time that i can remember we forgot to change our clocks.. oops.. we slept through church. well not entirely, but church was already a 1/2 hour in, when we realized what happened. lol... it was bound to happen to someone. i just hope evan adjusts with the time this spring. last spring he didn't.. no matter how hard i tried to shift his sleeping an hour, it didn't work and he jsut did everything later. i just have to make sure he keep getting up when he needs to in the morning, and not let him sleep in too long. i wake him up at 7. we leave at 7:30 when i have to work. today i don't have to work. i'm spoiled and only go to work 3 days a week. but many of your are parents and know that when your home with the kids,that too, is work. and as T pointed out the hubbies don't often realize that they should pitch in with the chores without be asked. so there's all that stuff too that they expect to be done. although my husband realizes that i get done what i can and only expects a super clean house when we're having company... :) i've almost perfected teh whirlwind cleaning job... the only problem is the computer sitting on the table that gets my attention whenever i walk into the kitchen... someday our pc will be fixed and the puter station will no longer be the kitchen table.
the hard part is trying to clean the house when evan wants to go outside and play. he's not old enough to let him out to play on his own so i have to go out too.

aww man, i spoke too soon.. it's snowing... i see flurries! ugh... that's new england for you.


  1. The snow was weird the other day. It was really coming down.

    We remembered to put the clocks back but it's got me all screwed up. I've been tired all week and can't get on the right schedule even though it was only an hour.

  2. Today we've had rain, icy-rain, ice, and now I think that it has settled on snow. I am so not happy with this. There were flowers damnit! Or at least the green beginings of flowers and now they're all frozen and dead. *sigh*

  3. there was an article in the paper today about the farmers who have peach and apple orchards. they're worried that the crops might be ruined again from the frost we had. i hope not!

  4. Just when you get used to the nice weather, and I keep bragging about how nice it is down here... BAM.
    So sorry to hear about this. I hope for the farmers sake that the orchards will be spared.

    I'm with t. about the hour change. I hate this one because it screws you up the most.... but have been enjoying the longer days. Mornings are harder to wake up, and I've been dragging all week so far. Yay to the power-nap Gods!

  5. There was a snow build-up on the R's roof before dusk down here on the Cape. Quite cold! I'm bemoaning my reluctance to turn up the heat again. Nothing was really growing yet before we began getting some water this week-end anyhow.
    The Spring Ahead on the clocks actually didn't affect me much, already overtired n got up earlier all the week before anyway!
    At least ya didn't miss school or work Monday- THAT would be embarrassing!

  6. MB - Don't sweat the small stuff. Soon enough it will be hot out. Then we'll be wishing for winter eh?

    Have a great holiday weekend.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo