Tuesday, May 2, 2006

i know i don't usually talk about politcal issues, but this whole immigration thing is getting outta control.
it's not like all these illegal immigrants came out of no where, all of a sudden. they've been here for a long time. the country was even founded by immigration. something needs to be done about getting these illegals to become legal and become better americans. if they don't want to be permanant citizens of this country then they need to get the proper visa. it's only fair to all of those who made the effort to live in this country the legal way. the exact solution? i don't know, but it needs to be done. and something needs to be done about el presidente de méxico, Vicente Fox. he needs to stop encouraging his people over the border to the north. he needs to make his country a desireable place for his people to live. or atleast a place that's liveable without an over abundance of poverty, and i imagine some famine in the poorest regions. and americans who hire immigrants need to pay them a liveable wage.
and a liveable wage these days is way higher than what it was even a year ago, simply b/c of the cost of fuel driving up the cost of living.. and that isn't just one place. the cost of living has skyrocketed everywhere, and it's not easy for anyone who doesn't own stock in a major oil company. somethign needs to be done and soon. too many people are living in poverty in this country who a legal citizens and for the past ump-teen years we as taxpayers have been footing the bill to keep these illegals on federal aid, such as welfare and food stamps. i believe a bill was passed that is not going to allow them to get this aid. it's sad when this country has to take people off of federal aid when they need it, but it's not fair for the citizens of this country to be paying for these illegals to be on the system. many of us are having a hard enough time supporting our own families.

and another point to be made.. if you're illegal looking for support from americans to keep you here, that's fine, but why aren't you waving american flags in your rally's. wouldn't that show us you have pride in our country,... that you want support? by waving your own nations flags, it gives me the impression that you're trying to take over the country and turn it into another méxico or whereever, even though i know that's no necessarily the case. you're just proud of who you are and where you come from. and i understand you came here for a better life and all that, but atleast become legal in some form.

ok.. different subject...

why is it that all of a sudden the gov't idiots in beantown are paying to teh needs of western mass in the way of road work. all the state roads and bridges that have deteriorated way to long over the years are get fixed... all at once, and it's obnoxious. route 2 is a disaster. i can't avoid it. between dropping off evan at daycare and driving further east for work, i'm hitting it everywhere. don't get me wrong. it needs to be done and i'm glad it's getting done, but why is it happening all at once?? it started last fall with the paving of 202 from Pelham to Orange and the paving of rt 23 in Otis, and then the work on widening route 2 from Orange to Templeton started.. and will be going for a while yet, and then there's that bypass on route 2 in Erving that is completely done, but not open b/c they have to drill a stinking well for the paper mill which could've been done months ago. and then there's the area of route 2 by the bowling alley that is gonna be a lenghty job as well. i found out from my daycare this morning they'll be lowering the highway to get rid of the blind spot, and then on 63 in Erving they're doing some work on the bridge by the river there again. i can't seem to avoid it.

i'm dreading the day they start on the gill-montague bridge.. traffic is gonna suuuuck! seeing as how the bridge on the other end of town isn't allowing trailor trucks over it b/c it's ready to fall down too, all the trailor trucks are going to have to exit over the canal st. bridge, and if anyone knows anything about that bridge it was not designed for trailor trucks. it as a tight 90 degree turn onto the side of the mountain on one side, and often people fly around that corner when you really can't go much over 20 unless you want to cream the oncoming traffic. so trailor trucks all the time exiting TF over the bridge there. not looking forward to it.

and of course that's not all the stupid road work that's going on, but that's all that gets in my way on a day-to-day basis.

i've got to run.. i'm at work. suppose i should be doing work or something.


  1. There's always been a problem getting money from Boston for Western Mass stuff. The problem is ineffective state reps.

    The immigration issue is complicated. I think they should grant amnesty to everyone that is already here. Find them, give them their papers, get it done. Close the borders completely with tighter security. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for immigration. I believe in the American Dream and I think anyone willing to do it legally, should be allowed to come here. I don't blame them for wanting to leave countries that don't provide for them. I also don't believe the entire problem is Hispanics. There are others in this country illegally.

  2. i thought it was hilarious when john olver got arrested at that protest.

    i agree the immigration issue is very complicated. and i'm not against immigration at all, but they should be legalized in some way. and of course there are others here illegally that are not hispanic, but it's the mexicans getting the most attention right now b/c they're the closest and we share a big border with them.

    it's stupid to think that immigration is getting all this attention b/c of the upcoming elections. and i know that's the reason why it's happening at this time. perhaps it's a tactic of the republicans (no offense to you) in washington to distract the country with this issue from what's going on is the middle east and with the presidents approval ratings.

  3. I don't think Republicans care about GW's approval ratings. Why should they? He's already a lame duck and they're more interested in the next election.

    I think this issue has been slowly coming to a boil for a long time. It's been this sort of unspoken thing. Everybody knew it was an issue but it wasn't talked about much and it's finally getting the attention it deserves.

    I find there to be a lot of hypocrisy when dealing with illegals and legal immigrants. There's a lot of talk about the American Dream but people are reluctant to really look at the reasons that people are so desperate to get here. It's not to get on welfare. It's cause their country sucks ass. I would want to get out, too. I don't blame them at all.

    Our country is very young in comparison to other countries and cultures throughout the world. I don't think we've been here long enough to start saying we don't want anyone from other countries coming in.

    BTW, I'm not saying you were saying all that stuff. Just people on TV making arguments that people need to stay in their own country.