Friday, March 24, 2006

my 1 complaint

about blogger...

i have it set to email me when people post comments. but it never does... wait... it does but only for one specific person. so i often find myself having to look a tmy own page to see if people comment. it's always done this to me... very bizarre, but annoying. and if you comment on an older post there's a very good chance i'll never see it b/c of that stupid problem...

what's your beef with blogger?


  1. I'm afraid if I got started, I might never stop. I keep thinking that I'm the problem (still being a novice and all), but Snaggle assures me it's not me. Just for good measure, I'm having a friend check over my settings to make sure I didn't screw anything up.

    Have a great weekend, sweetie, and stay warm... I hear the weather is supposed to be cold up in the hinterlands this weekend.

    BTW~ can't blame Evan for liking fluffernutters.... mmmmmm, yummy marshmellow!

  2. blogger's been doing this to me since i signed up over a year ago, so it's definately not you. :)

    weather next week is supposed to get into the 50's and 60's !


  3. I know my problem with blogger is me. I just can't figure out how to add links to mine. I must have read the directions at least 50 times. But it never works, I just end up frustrated and still missing links.

  4. Two weeks in a row it gave me pic-uploading probs, cause I just started posting up more of 'em...
    this week, quick n clean as a whistle! BUT The past beach/pier pix, then the gaz/deck-cat posts each took over 15 tries over 2 days!

    Kel, I maybe have link-change directions I'll email ya, (I wrote 'em) easier to understand -

    Oh yeah, I hate word verify long-ones! thank G not copy/pasting each sep letter anymore!

  5. My problem with blogger? Where to begin... The fact you can't separate posts into categories. I regularly have problems uploading photos. It's frequently down. I can't ban ISP's. I could go on and on forever. The good thing about blogger? IT'S FREE.