Wednesday, June 14, 2006

no witty title available yet. suck it up

i need to keep my blogging up.. i've been getting lazy. but at teh same time i dont' know what to write about half the time. whatever.. so you get me when i hve somehting to talk about. or when i get the chance.

so we had our mayoral elections yesterday, and our incumbent mayor won! thank god, b/c she was away better of a candidate than the challenger. let me jsut add that our mayor is the pick of the crop,b ut does deserve another chance to wrap some stuff up. she had a lot of crap to clean out of the town administration when she took office 3 years ago as our first mayor. and the challenger Athey just happened to be part of the cause for all the shit that forgey got. so that's that.

the weather here has finally gotten better.. we're supposed to be getting rain later, but frankly i han handle one night of rain in a week. rain is good,, just not in extremem excess... people seem to be less bitter this week. people are just relieved that the sun didn't blow up on us.

evan has been sleeping alot better the past couple months.. only instead of waking up and crawling intoour bed to finish sleeping.. he wakes up, wakes me up and goes back to his bed to fall back asleep... he likes to cuddle with me. it could be worse i guess... this morning he idn't come get me until about 6 am.. which is way better than 4 am.. and then it takes about 30 seconds for him to fall back asleep and then i can go downstairs or back to bed depending on what time it is.. he's like a little alarm clock.

our next task with the kid is potty training. he'll go pee on the toilet some of the time.. but the trick will be to convince him to do it all the time and when he has to go number 2 as well.. we plan on doing this over the summer... wish us luck.

oh.. a friend of mine is working on designing me a new template for my blog! woot woot! janelle rocks like that! b/c i need one pretty badly. my current one was a freebie from it works, i'm just bored with it. she also found out recently that she's pregnat! and i'm wicked excited for her!

i'm getting sick.. it's *possible* that it could be allergies, but i'm starting out teh way i normally do when i get a cold... grr..

enjoy the sun before it runs away again.. no go.. that's an order!


  1. We've been overcast most of the day. I went uptown n it poured awhile, then cleared n went to the bluff. Those trees aren't that bad, must've spayed them. Only Sandpike is totally stripped out! Figures!
    Good Luck! (It's a tough job)

  2. Yay... I can get in! It's been so long since I've been able to do that!

    I know this is late in coming to you, but I'm excited about your real estate license. Hope you sell many homes!

    As far as potty training... best of luck. Somehow it is easier for girls. I used to bribe my son with new cool underwear if he would just use the toilet... but found that peer pressure worked better.

    Glad to see the sun made a showing in New England... and you can send some of that rain down to us anytime. We are in drought mode that will accept even hurricanes to bring us back up to level again.

    Can't wait to see the new template!

  3. Ella has never been a good sleeper. She still gets in bed with us. I figure she'll outgrow it.

    We're working on potty training. She has no interest. Neither of my kids wanted to do it. After I'm done with daycare next week, we're going cold turkey. No diapers.

  4. ST- there's a stray rain cloud over greenfield as we speak.. it'll be gone in about 10 minutes.. it's barely raining out but it guess it figures what the hell.

    El- blogger's been having some serious issues the past few weeks.. maybe that had soemthing to do with it! i hope i sell many homes too, but a brokers gotta hire me first i've been playing phone tag with my first choice the past couple of days.

    t- i'll wish you luck with the no diapers.. ella's got 6 months on evan so hopefully it'll go a bit easier for you. i'll cross my fingers for us

  5. I remember the hours of sitting on the potty you n sis did, n tons of false bathroom calls I dropped everything (ie: at the drug store, grocery store, ect) to go sit you down n wait, like it was a joyful field-trip you wanted to go on! Then there's lots of accidents- Home, away from home, n sleeping- it takes alot of dedication n consistancy, (n cleaning up).
    Of course boys are more complicated because there are two parts to learn n to make a habit of.
    Rewards are always a good idea, (just don't run out!)