Tuesday, June 20, 2006

we bit the bullet

jason broke down and put int he air conditioners yesterday. we held out as long as we could.. personally i don't prefer them, but they sure do come in handy when it gets super muggy like it's been for the past couple of days. i'm not sure how hot it got today, but the past 2 days was above 90 degrees! and just a little bit ago, we got a blast of thunderstorms even with some hail. i looked at the radar after the storm and great barrington is getting clobbered... they always do. they saw tornadoes a few years back i guess. i don't remember when. we're still yet to go swimming. jay's grandparents' pool just opened today b/c they needed sand for the filter. and you need money to go any where to swim around here. we really need to get the pass for the state parks... we just haven't gotten there yet.

we're heading down cape this weekend to go to edaville railroad on sunday for thomas the train day. i hope evan has fun. i'm afraid that he'll be scared of the train upclose.. he has this things about screaming when anything too big gets too close. when you buy tickets for this shindig you get to pick a time to ride the train. we made a point to get an early morning ride so if it turns out the event stinks we can get out of there. that and evan does better in the morning. we gonna head down saturday night and then come back here tuesday morning. i don't have to work either of those days and jay is done with school!

I've finished yet another michael connelly book.. i've almost all of them, and he's written alot. i need to read Blood Work and i've got them all so far to date. he's coming out with a new one in the fall... i'm very excited. jay says i should read another author but i said that i will when i finish all of connelly's books. i'm almost done.

one of these days i'll get to taking some pictures and posting them up. i just havent' been taking pictures with all the rain we've had.

i'm curious who my kansas reader is... do i even know anyone in KS?

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  1. Well, the warmer weather trend should continue awhile at least, so you'll get some use out of the AC. Did you put units on each level?

    The going in n out from it gets to me sometimes. Keeps ya from going outside often, too.

    Also watch out for the electric bill increase...

    Hey I got to post a comment in IE today!