Friday, June 2, 2006

the pictures i've been promising

here's the swingset we built earler in the spring.

and here's the sandbox we made the other day

here's our honeysuckle that our neighbor got for us from th woods a couple years ago. it's growing like mad!

here's the rose bush that came with the house. when we bought it, i don't think they ever trimmed it. it was like 8 ft tall! we made the trellis the other day too. the bush was getting out of control and it grows like a weed

here's the front garden i put in the first summer we moved in the house 2 years ago. i need some bushier stuff on the right... b/c we have clay soil stuff tends to die over the winter and spring b/c the soil gets all soaked. i doctored it up before i planted everything, but root rot happens i guess.

here's the garden i put in last year on the other sid eof the house. it's still very young as you can see. surprisingly all my mums i planted int he fall cam eback tho!
my gorgeous columbine, with the gnomes playing cards in teh background

1 comment:

  1. These are cool shots, I like how ya managed to squeeze Evan in there!
    Did ya get sand yet? All the HoneySuckle I've seen has been yellow, so the red surprized me!

    Also, the Columbine flower is fun, with the knomes n all.

    I wonder what Ellen would say about your garden... She wanted me to remind you she's still reading, but unable to comment, or see half of the comments. I'm doing FireFox just for you! (IE open at the same time)