Sunday, July 16, 2006

i can't seem to keep a good blogging schedule

it's either often or over a oh well. there's not much to report other than the fac it's been bloody hot and humid around here lately. they're saying heat wave. great. i can really do without, honestly. the evening was nice we went for a walk around the block with evan and then came inside b/c it was getting dark. the worst part about this god damn heat is that it's just too hot to go swimming unless you can go swimming in the shade or swim early in the day or in the night. the middle of the day i'm stuck inside. my pregnant self just can't handle this god damn heat. the worst part is that the a/c in my car is broken. it died at the very end of summer in 2004. it'll cost like $90 to fix or something, so needless to say it hasn't been done. luckily we've been able to carpool to work this past week, and this week in jay's car which still has working a/c! we've been using his car most of the time when it's bloody hot out b/c my car gets so freakin' stifling. days like this i really do love the a/c. it makes me wonder how they did it back in the day. i can't imagine.

i'm just thankful that i'm not in the mid-west right now.. it's well over 100 degrees out it. it just out of this world b/c north dakota and minnesota are some of THE coldest states in the lower 48 states, and now it's beginning to feel like the desert up there. no thanks. i go crazy enouh here with our crazy weather patterns.

work at century 21 seems to be going well. i'm in the process of looking at properties and haven't actually started office work yet on the phones. i should be getting my business cards tomorrow or tuesday i imagine. they'll have my picture on them. i'm excited. my first business

other than the weather there's not much to report. life here has been the same, and no work around the house has been done b/c of the weather and us working. jay's been doing some seminars this past week.

time to put evan to bed so i'll catch you later.


  1. I think the point of bloggin is it goes around what ya can do- very flexible!
    The heat is bad, even here! Feel bad for you inland folkz tho, add ten degrees - no thanks!

    I went down to muddy cove at low-tide to play rock-plop-throwing with BBM n baby J today, first toes in the water day!
    Feel bad for all those mid-states residents n all the spontaneous fires goin on makin the heat worse!

    Too hot for the hose n back-yard kiddie pool for ya, eh? At times like these I like to use the cool hose water right over my head.
    Enjoy your house ac!

  2. Even though it is normally hot here in the summer... it's still about 10 degrees hotter than we are used to this time of year... and we've had no real rain to help out with the crops, et al. It's like being at the gates of hell!

    Yesterday hubby and I went antique-hunting. Both of us ended up with heat-headaches in no time. The in and out of the car to the building was the real cause. Going from cold to hot to cold to hot takes a toll on your internal thermometer, and makes you light-headed after so many times.

    I do have central air in the house, and finally after living here for many years, got air in a vehicle. What a difference! I still don't know how they handled the heat here back before it became a necessity. Hubby is a native of the city, and told me that they didn't have air when he was a kid.... it explains the reason why he moves a lot slower than I do.

  3. MB - I hear ya! This heat is nuts. Philly is going back into the heater later on this week. I think I'd melt without my A/C.

    I'm sure that back in the day everyone smelled quite good from all that sweat. Yuck!

    Good luck with C21.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo