Thursday, July 27, 2006

weird cravings here i come...

so unlike last pregnancy i have started to have cravings for food i wouldn't normally eat so much, or even at all. the past few days have been "foods that taste good in vinegar"... such as cukes, and today i had some carrots with vinegar...mmm... don't knock it.. i remember when i was very young my cousin vicki did it for me once b/c i refeused to eat the carrots... mind you this was at my aunt and uncle's (D &J's) old house.. i think i must've been three or four or something.. they haven't lived there in forever. i've always loved vinegar tho. and i'm been enjoying the balsalmic on the cukes... it's sweeter and is great alone on salads.

after dinner (which was the carrots) i had me some ice cream. and everyone who knows me, knows that i lvoe my vanilla ice cream.. yumm.. well i put chocolate on it... and those who know me well, know that i don't ever put chocolate on ice cream, and barely eat it on a normal basis. i defiled it, and it was yummy.


my business cards came in! it's got my picture on it! the picture came out well... a friend of high school said it looks very similar to my senior picture. sort of i guess, but only now i'm grown up...

okay so it has my phone number on it... um... no harassing calls please.. but if you want me to sell your house give me a ring for i'm hardly ever in the office, and too poor for a cell phone. such is life.

our vacation in a couple of weeks has been cancelled. we were gonna go camping out in savoy SP but jay was reading the rules, adn it said that if you leave your site for more than 12 hours they reserve the right to give to someone else. well that's shitty.. we were planning on coming back to the house for one night to do laundry and so evan can spend a night at home... he gets anxiety when he's out of his bed for too long. so we cancelled that b/c we're like wtf? that's crazy. so we thought we'd go to the 'ham and spend some time at the beach... well it turns out our friend with whom we stay with is going to michigan to visit his mom... so now we're not doing that. so we're bummed, but in the end it's okay b/c we honestly don't have the money for a trip anyway.

that is all.. have a great night!


  1. What beautiful long hair you had!
    I would have done anything for hair that pretty, and blonde. It must have taken you a long time to get that all braided perfectly!

    I remember the cravings even though it was over 20 years ago. I was hooked on Micky D's chocolate shakes, and couldn't pass by a McDonalds without stopping. It helped with all the heartburn I suffered....and that was from the first month on. Good luck with the cravings.... in a few months life will return to a different normal for you.

    Also~ love the C21 picture. You give that professional, yet friendly air to potential buyers and sellers. Much success and well wishes coming your way from Hotlanta!

  2. why thank you.. it's amazing i still have the light color naturally. mom and my sis both had it as a kid, but i'm the lucky one that got to keep it for good.. well atleast for now i guess. :)

    i can braid my hair like a wiz! even now i can french braid my hair, and my husband will say, when did you braid your hair? just now, i reply. his reply.. i didn't even see you. lol.
    altho i'm sure my mom braided my hair in that picture b/c i must've been 5 or 6 in the shot. we moved from that house by the river in fall of '86.

    the cravings thing is interesting. i didn't really have them when i was pregnant with evan.. i'm in the mood for pizza.. i've always loved it. yum. i've actually been in the mood for it for days. but pregnant or not i often want pizza, so i guess that one doesn't count, huh?

    i hope i can sell some homes soon . buyers sellers whatever it doesn't matter, but i hope to make a career out of it if i can! i'm sick of my dead end job with a boss who has no idea what it means to have to live on a budget.

  3. I love the Buzi-card pic! Guess it was worth the bux, after all! (it does make ya look good).

    yep, I multi-braided that long pony tail, I remember. You were so cute, even being wise!