Wednesday, July 5, 2006

it's been a busy couple of weeks. i just noticed it's been awhile since i last posted, but oh well, that's what happens when your busy outside and palying and such. we put in a new floor in our back room. it's a WHOLE new room. the rug that was in here that was put in by a previous homeowner was just disgusting. granted we ground in a bunch of dirt into the cheap ass rug they put in, but the fact that their dog peed all over the rug by the door was disgusting in itself. that dog peed there so much, that it was soaked into the subfloor.. yuck. it was nauseating when we pulled up the rug, it was so gross. so we oil soaped it, which helped a bit, and then sprinked baby powder all over it and let it sit over night which helped a bunch but still not a hundred percent. so before we put down the new floor we put some gold bond over the spot again hoping that it would help. it seems to have. we put down some laminate wood floor we bought from ikea we picked up on our way home from the cape. it's sort of on the way home. i heart ikea.... altho we've learned form a friend to never ever go on the weekend. you have to go midweek, when most people are at work.

so not only did we do the floor we replaced the floor on our front porch. it needed to go. it had dry rot so bad that in some places the floor bounced a little and it was just broken at the end of the boards in front of the door. it just wasn't safe. and it looked like crap. it looks soooo much better now, and is wicked sturdy now. jay hurt himself while tearing out the floor. put a big gash in his stomach. poor guy. it stung pretty bad. the porch has been on their so long long that the nails used were the old cut style nails... nails like i've never seen before... i'm sure tremont nail makes them, or atleast used to seeing as how they shut down shop there. i injured my toe while screwing in a floorboard. it hurt. the drill bit slid off the screw and got my big toe just under the nail where it's tender... and it was fine after a while and then i go and run it over with the shoppign cart while at teh checkout... that hurt wicked bad and i was hobbling for the rest of the day. today it's pain free! yay!

and while at walmart jays glasses broke.. and broke beyond repair. they were like 5 years old anyway, and really needed to be replaced anyhow so he's at the eyedoctor's now. speaking of which i've got to go get him.

i'll try and post some pictures later of our handy work.. the only thing left on the honey-do list for this year is painting the porch railing b/c now that looks like crap with the new floor!


  1. Woohoo for new flooring! I was so paranoid after I had new carpeting put in years ago, that I wouldn't let anyone in without having them take their shoes off first. I got over it quick enough.. but still insist everyone take them off in inclement weather.

    I hear you about the repair woes. Once you start a project and finish it, the stuff you didn't touch sticks out like a sore thumb... and it's next on the honey-do list. There's a good reason why they call it the Money Pit.

  2. Good for you two gettin so much done! (again, I'm jealous, I want new laminate flooring)! I hear Ikea's very cheap... Sounds like you got a man as hazard-prone as your-self there! Ouch! Sorry to hear about the toe,! Nothin like tryin to keep up with a 2.5-year-old with a bum foot! I've tried it, myself. Second to that is bummer hand pain (my current affliction).

    Ellen, my Aunt Hermine (the German one) never allowed ANY shoes to be worn into her home! It was "Shoes off at the door, or don't come in!" I only do that for snow n Mud now. My floors are very beat-up! n old-

    I like the Thomas pic- proof you were there for later when he complains you never took him anywhere...!
    I hope J get's a cool new pair of eyes. Tough being blind suddenly like that, why ya should always save the old, ugly pairs.

  3. it's hard to save the old pairs when they break beyond repair.. lol.. that's often the reason jay gets new glasses is that they break and can't be fixed.

  4. and btw.. that was the only picture we got of evan smiling... and we were only on the walkway to the park at that point.. once we got in he got all