Sunday, August 27, 2006

fall is quickly approaching

the weather up here has definatly taken a turn in the direction of fall. woo! new england is known for it's beauty in the trees as they go to sleep for the winter. especially norhtern new england. around columbus day weekend the colors are peaked in our little nook of the state and everyone decides to drive out route 2 a clog the main highway that spans the northern half of the state. thanks alot leaf-peepers, can i kill you now? grr. it can get so bad on weekends ends that the blinky signs on the highways that normally announce constuction warnings and amber alerts now warn us locals of "foliage traffic" ha. it's a big thing out here and i dont' really know why. i grew up in southeastern mass and am used to the changing into fall colors. it's something i've experienced my entire life. i suppose i can understand someone who comes fromt he desert and see it for the first time to be in awe and see how pretty it is to live up here, but for local people to drive around and look at the leaves every.friggin.weekend just baffles me. i don't get it. drive to the store you'll see some leaves. stop causing traffic! i've always enjoyed playing in the leaves. when christine and i were kids we would make huge piles in front of the house, get on the railing to the porch and jump away. we'd have a blast. we'd also make little walls resembling a house and play neighbors or something. that was fun too. i'd evan make an effort to walk through the leaves on the way to and from the bus stop even thoughthe bus stop was only like 20 ft from the house.

the nights here are cold and the tomatoes are turning. i just love fresh garden grown tomatoes. the crap they sell in the stores over the winter are so bland and so expensive. we've been making pasta sauce with tomatoes we've been getting from the farm stand and from jay's grandmother's garden. we've got 3 grocery bags full we need to peel and boil down. we've also got to make some apple sauce this year. we ran out of the batch we made 2 years ago. we never made any last year. never got to it, and besides we had so much left from the year before.

summer is quickly coming to a close. it happens. jay starts school next week. he's looking forward to it. i think he was bored a bunch of the summer without things to do. that and he said he's sick of staying home ith evan while i'm at work. ha.. i said to him last night, "yeah, so.. you've had like 3 weeks or so at home with him while i work, i've had him for 2 years while you've worked. " he said it like it was a big deal that he's been home with evan so much, that evan's gotten on his nerves (b/c well he's 2 and he's whiney, which is understandable) and that it's different from when i have him at home and jay's at work. i don't think so buddy. lol it's alright.. now he knows what it's been like for me the past couple of years. :)

last week was our "vacation".. which pretty much meant we didn't go to work for a week, we didn't go anywhere special, although when evan was at daycare one day jay and i went to historic deerfield, which was interesting. we learned that the library has a season pass that they lend out to patrons for free so we took advantage and went. it was pretty neat. i remember going tot he capt kendrick house, and the one room school house as a kid. i wish they brought us back when we were older than 8 or 9. i thoguht they were pretty kool, and i've always been interested in local history stuff. ever since we got back form vacation i've been working alot. working my umass job as usual, and then i've been doing a bunch of office stuff over at the new job at century 21. and i worked yesterday too which proved to be good.. i picked up a buyer! and i'm doing an open house later in granby. and then it's back to work as usual tomorrow. it's been non stop it feels like, and i'm just not used to it. i've been wokring 24 hours/week for 2.5 ertty ( <--evan typed his name.. hehe) for 2.5 years and all of a sudden i'm workign full time again. i've been tired all week, which is why i haven't posted at all.

but it's time now to pay attention to my family before i have to report back to work around 12 for the open house, and jay has to go back to work tomorrow.



  1. Yep, full-time can be a free-time downer cause it tires ya out so bad... I just did another over 12-hour shift n am hurtin... office work sounds like a party to me now! But if you can handle whiney kids for days n years on end, I think ya deserve a medal...
    Guess Jay's just not used to it! It's just easier in small doses!

  2. I had to laugh about your highway commuter signs. Ours has a continual message about "smog alerts" on those hazy days. We don't get leaf-seekers as you do in the north, even though our leaves turn. The seasoned tourist goes up to your neck of the woods to get the best views, as ours is somewhat average compared to your vistas. It would be nice to take a trip back up to the Smokies to see how well they turn there, though.

    Glad to hear you had a client for Open House. How did that turn out?

  3. is is really necessary to alert the people of atlanta of smog? i thinkthe whole country knows that it's one of th worst places for smog in the country.. is LA the only place that worst. that's like putting i sign up in beerely hills saying.. "watch out for celebrities" or something.

    the open house was alright. i brought my husband and he really like the house too, but it's way out of our price range to even consider it. this weekend i'm doing one up the street from my house.