Wednesday, August 9, 2006


some great weather has arrived in the valley! this past week as been absolutely gorgeous.. perfect weather if you ask me. we had one day that was super humid, but some storms came through and solved that. and frankly one day of humidity is nothing. atleast it was only mid 70's-80 something degrees out, and not over a hundred and humid again. it seems like either everyone is bitching about the weather or no one b/c they're so happy that the weather has finally shaped up they don't dare say anything about the weather. similar to the winter when the weather finally breaks 35 degrees, it's like heaven. i've been caught driving down the highway with the windows down b/c the air feels so much warmer! it's the first sign spring is near... even if it does drop below zero again the next day, there's hope for warmer weather.

if anyone out east of worcester is wondering where weatherman todd gross has gone to after he randomly got fired form channel 5 or 7 which ever one he was at, he has migrated west to news 22 in springfield, and made a home here. last weekend we were watching the news and jay says.. "who the hell is that guy telling me the weather?" i said, "oh him? that's todd gross... he's from boston. he got fired from his last job and no one knew why.. must not've been able to find a job back east so he had to come out here. that's okay. he's pretty good" steve lacy, who's out in boston on channel 5 and we think we've spotted him on NECN as well. latoyia foster who's a reporter for NECN is from news 22 as well. it seems that there's a big switcharoo going on amongst the stations. i wish boston would take tom bevacqua from our area. he's dumb, looks terrible, and frankly i don't know many people that actually enjoy his weather forecasts.

i made my first round of zucchini bread the other day, and it came out well. i made 2 batches. i have enough mashed zucchini left to make atleast 4 more batches, and zucchini season is far from over! usually i make so much i sell it at the church bizarre.. why not. i can't eat it all, and one of the only other things that you can do giant zukes is to stuff them, which is super yummy. what you do is take your favorite stuffed pepper recipe, but put the meat mixture into a hollowed out zuke, cut in half lengthwise. talking about that just made me in the mood for galumpki's.. aka.. stuffed cabbage.. yum.

has anyone else bought from walmart's garden section, a hanging flower pot kit thing in a box? i bought 2 different butterfly garden ones with a gift card i got from my birthday, let me just say my birthday is in late may and they haven't done anything thus far.. well one of them sprouted, but never got further than that. i was disappointed. what a waste of money. so while i was working out in milton the other day i was talking with my clients about plants.. they run a greenhouse, and i told them about said hanging pots, and how they haven't done anthing, and we got talking on mint, and then she commented on how they did them in hanging pots, and they looked really nice. so i hacked away at my over grown mints today while evan was napping adn put some in said pots.. they look kinda meh right now, but thier thin.. gotta give them some time to fill out. jay said i should trim them so the stems are shorter.. hmm.. didn't think of that. it's not a bad idea, it'll force some growth for it to fill out. perhaps i'll do it in a couple of days. let the roots take and all that. i figure somehting in the pots is better than nothing in the pots, right?.


  1. My mom makes chocolate zucchini cake. I'd give my right arm to have enough zucchini to make one right now. lol

  2. what's your recipe for that.. that sounds yummy. i like my mom would like it

  3. Yum... chocolate zucchini bread!
    Kentucky Girl, please share that recipe! I'll be happy to swap a good "banana chocolate chip bread" one with you.

  4. Ya wish I was more alert to get out n enjoy the great weather this week- but too zonked!
    My mint is in an old hanging basket, too! My flower blossoms are going slow this year, n small. should remember miracle grow more often...

    just hearing about that cake makes me want desert...