Thursday, December 7, 2006

You know you're from Wareham if...

You know you are from Wareham if...

You went to a boys and girls club dance
You have been in Mr. Jordan's office
You have waited 2 hours to get a haircut from Mike&Al's
You skipped study and went to Charlie's for pizza
You have ridden the slick-track at go-cart land
You've jumped off stone bridge and almost hit a boat.
You think people that have never seen a cranberry bog are blind or crazy.
You can point out Tesno, Shang-hi, and Swifts, without them showing up on any map.
You played Wareham Youth Soccer, JBA, Tigers, Little League, or just took gym class too seriously
Bob Perry was your ice cream man before he opened the stand
You have ridden the OWL.
You remember the Tunnel under the middle school
You went to the middle school before the renovation
At least once a day growing up you drove on Rt. 6, Glen Charlie rd., Cranberry hwy, Minot Ave, Onset Ave, or Sandwich Rd.
You have had hot dogs from the Mill Pond Diner gas station.
JBA shorts were a part of your wardrobe.
JBA shorts are still a part of your wardrobe.
Wheelbarrel and buffer are actually words…with meanings.
You wondered exactly what it was Mr. Oliver actually taught.
You participated in the DARE program.
The DARE program failed you.
You have referred to your hometown as "the Ham"
You get pissed off when out-of-towners refer to it as Ware"um"
You played basketball at the courts in the center of town.
You have referred to bike cops as rent-a-cops.
The Wareham 500 actually counts as something to do.
You have been to the x-mas parade for the candy.
You have been in the x-mas parade.
You know Gina Davis' hometown
You still remember REACH and BLONDFACES from 7th grade science with Lipof
You know of Eddie Mumbles and Crazy Walter
You went to Minot Forest or Decas
You remember the yearly bonfires
You remember the movie theatre in Buzzard's Bay
You used to go to the movie theatre in Buzzard's Bay
You were a member of team auriga, pheonix, cepheus or some other constellation in middle school
You had a moral obligation to jump rope for heart
You refer to Wareham as being on the cape even when it isn't.
Field day was the greatest day ever
You know someone who won the lottery or went broke trying.
You trick-or-treated 5 years past your prime.
Every year you went home with a letter saying you are exposed to asbestos but don't worry
You remember the Smurphs on the wall of the gym at minot
You remember before there was a Wal-Mart
You worked at Water-Wizz.
You graduated at night.
You still live there!
considered yourself part of tesno crew.
visited the hill in onset for a lil smoke session


  1. That sounds like you n pals wrote it! Who thought it up? Good job-
    I argue It IS geographically on the penninsula of the cape tho- even if some one dug a canal n said it isin't!
    This is a comment from the Ham...

    PS batten down the hatches, here comes Polar-Ice!

  2. Did I mention I recently ran into that video of "Scenes from Hamlet" we shot on the hill for Mr White's school proj - n laughed myself silly..?!

  3. i didn't write it.. it was sent to me by erinn higgins via myspace.. i laughed my ass off.. i would add

    "if you've ever added soap to the fountains at water wizz or have ever been a lookout to such an event" lol

    OMG is is freeeezing out today.. with the wind chill it's brutal.. the weather guy said this morning that at 7 am it would feel like -8 or something like that..

    and no you didn't mention the video of scene's from hamlet.. that must've been for christine.. you should give it to her for christmas! what a riot. i'd like to see it though.

  4. Both of you are in it! Christine has a black-marker beard! You had a puffy-sleeve shirt (messenger). The bikes riding by n BG noise were very amusing, along with the acting, n the Ophelia drowning cinematography I shot... Unfortunately, I'm the only one still with a VHS machine-