Saturday, February 17, 2007

no baby yet update

Hi all,
fist off.. still no baby.. my appoinment on thursday the dr said i was 4 cm!.. man this is taking forever. so pretty much anyday now the baby could come. she said she'd be surprised if i didn't have the kid over the weekend. and just for the record i'v eonly gained 8 lbs this entire pregnancy! (don't shoot *ducks*) so i wonder how much i've lost. at my appoinment two weeks ago (wheni was 3 cm) i called the midwife and said.. "at what point do i call if my water doesn't break?".. her response.. "when it feels different".. wth does that mean? but okay

well all day yesterday i was having contractions, and we were getting all hopeful and stuff. i've been having the constant back ache as well for the past couple of days.

well at 11:00 last night i get woken up out of a sound sleep with one of those contractions of death. or so it felt like. so we called the doc and went over to the hospital where they could monitor the baby. the good news is that the baby's doing really well. but b/c i wasn't progressing they said we could go home. what a drag. but atleast we didn't have to sleep in those uncomfy beds.. my tailbone was killing me. i don't rememeber them being so uncomfy before.. perhaps it's b/c i'm as big as a house at the moment, and i wasn't with evan.

so here we are at home. still waiting and still having contractions and moving as slow as a turtle.

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  1. My lower back is killin me just thinking about your pain... Wow, this one's taking alot of time!

    Thanks for the update! hang in there... I know it's tough!