Sunday, February 4, 2007

no baby yet

my appointment last thursday confirmed nothing had really changed changed.. my belly didn't grow so now i'm right on track as opposed to ahead, and i even lost a pound .. wtf?! can't complain i guess. and i'm not any more dialated. on friday at work i was having some contractions every 5 minutes or so, so i went home. and of course while i was waiting for jay to come pick me up, they stopped. but better safe than sorry... there's no where comfy to sit at work except on the couch in the main lobby aoutside the lecture hall... yeah.. 20 year-olds do not need to see me go into labor. thanks, but no.. it's where i had waitind for jay, but i wasn't about to go back up to work.. i was very uncomfortable. so we've been waiting since then for any other since that baby is eminent.

last night i was getting very uncomfortable. as the night went on the bay felt like it was getting heavier and heavier, and felt so low that if he was any lower he'd just fall out. i said to jason.. "i say 24 hours for some serious baby activity, and if not then i'll be surprised". i haven't been felling any contractions, but that doesn't surprise me one bit, b/c i never had any when i was pregnant with evan. my water had just broke when we returned home from a trip to Target, and that was that.... we went to target yesterday walked around for a while.. but no baby.

i think part of our anxiousness about having this baby, is that we're ready for him.. we've been expecting him early for months now, on this weekend... the room is ready, i'm packed for the hospital.. all the clothes are washed.. i think we're pretty much all set to bring the baby home... unlike with Evan.. Evan was 3 weeks early, and was so unexpected, that i think the only item is my hospital bag was soem travel shampoo or soemthing. we just weren't prepared.. so now that we're all prepared watch the kid come a week late or something... Oh God i hope not. that would be cruel.

we made it through Thursday, and that's all i wanted... We went to see Lewis Black, and he was hilarious! his friend that opened up for him was hilarious too. John Bowman was his name. Jay said he had overheard some people on the way out saying it wasn't quite what they expected... well for us it was... but then again wee're very familiar with his bits and his style of comedy.. i think we own all his dvd's. and some of his bits he used the other night, referenced bits of his we had seen in the dvd's so i think they were more funny for us than people who had never seen his routine before. the only thing that was bad about the show was that it was like 90 degrees inside the little theater, so everyone was boiling.. i bet people complained b/c at one point we felt a little bit of cool air coming down, and then it got warm again. thanks guys *smack*... and that we didn't have much leg room, but the theater is old, so there was nothing we could do about that. except kick the little wooden wall in front of us everytime we moved. i ended up taking my shoes off b/c my feet were swelling up.

We even went out to dinner beforehand with our friend Trevor who had a huge gift certificate to one of the really nice restaurants 2 minutes away from the theater where the show was. so we all went out.. it was really good food... and it was the type of place that if you didn't get there real soon after they opened the doors you had to wait atleast an hour for a table. our wiat was 10 minutes... we got there about 5:30 and left about 7:40 or so.. timed perfectly for the show.

and it finally happened! we got snow a couple nights ago! not a dusting like we've been getting everytime they predict snow, but we got 3-4 inches.. of wet snow that has now sunk down to about 2.5 inches. and it's going to be really cold for the next week, they say, and some more snow on the way! it's scary to think that it's February, and we *just* got our first real snow. by the time my boys are going to school, they won't even know what a snow day is... what is this world coming too.

and speaking of which why is it all of a sudden global warming is being recognized and a problem that *people* have had a factor in.. I mean, duh, C'mon.. I think we started having a major effect on the environment since the locomotive was created.. it's been down hill since then, but only back then they had no idea. the general population has had an idea for atleast 15-20 years or so that something needed to be done soon, and what 20 years later 'experts' and our stupid president say that within another 5 years or so we'll BEGIN to regulate pollution.. or some shit like that.. WTF is that all about?! what a douchebag of a president we've got folks. he just has no clue.

so i dont' get to watch the national news much these days b/c Evan is addicted to Dora the explorer. a friend of mine on myspace changed his picture to that of the lite brite guy that shut down Boston. so i sent himi a message saying that that stupid thing shut down Boston.. he replys with telling me that it's been in the news for 3 days.. ! oops.. lol. i had no idea it was in the national news.. it didn't surprise me, but i still didn't know.. that was funny, guess i've been a little out of touch with the news. we watch the local news, but i dont' get to watch the tody show in the morning anymore.. i didn't realize that iv'e been missing out.. especially since they only have real news for like 45 minutes, and then go into fluff news and human interest stories. I still think it's pretty funny that those things shut down Boston. but i'll add that many people who criticize the fact that the city over reacted to the event, weren't the ones who had their airplanes hijacked killing thousands of innocent people. we're just that much more sensitive about strange ongoings, than most communities, and sometimes that needs to be recognized.


  1. Congrats on the normal snow!

    I'm sure baby-accalades will follow shortly!

    I wrote a little about the finger-lite-up ad this week too- Said a very similar thing about Boston in my comments, too!

    I knew there would be a large climate problem way back in the 70's! I had a fight with the science teacher about it. Hard to teach an old dog new tricks...

    Glad ya got to do the show n have fun. Pretty soon you'll be too tired for extra field trips...

    Good luck hangin on the edge of your seat! I'm waitin for that phone call-

  2. MB - Don't worry, you'll pop soon. Before you know it you'll be up all night with the crying baby.

    Neo points and laughs

    Sorry I thought in your previous post that you were going to a concert not a comedy show. That would have been even better now that I think about it. A comedian would have had all sorts of material to work with on that one.

    As for the weather, we're in the -5 degree range with the windchill. I just walked to the store for ciggies and that wind is hitting hard. Not much snow here yet, but with the cold the way it is, I can bet that it isn't too far off.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  3. my daughter turns 16 tmo the 13th, so if your baby arrives then, they will share birthdays.
    I wish you well, keep breathing.