Tuesday, February 20, 2007

still no baby

the most anticipated birth of the year (or so it seems) has not occured as of yet! trust us.. we're annoyed as the rest of you. lol.

I'm swollen and achy all over and is having those stupid braxton-hicks contractions all the time.. in fact it's been days.. and is practically uselss when it comes to working b/c of these contractions that don't ever stop really. thus maternity leave has started.

due date is officially on the 24th.. and we're trying all sorts of things to help this kid out. it's probably wouldn't be so bad if evan wasn't 3 weeks early, and if i wasn't so achy b/c atleast i could still be working


  1. I know it's really tough waiting, cause I remember both of you were very late. Ya really don't wanna waste the mat-time before baby, tho, cause ya need it more after- n guess it's boring not to work, too!
    That's also when the Truck Ins. payment is due...
    Another week is torturous to think of...

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  3. MB - Snaggle just told me. Cgrats to you and your husband.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo