Monday, March 5, 2007

a baby story in case people want soem details

(i can't belive i forgot to post this.. i had sent this out as email to people but here it is for the blog world to read)

Things here are going well. as some of you know, (some of you don't) Little Liam was born on friday feb 23rd at 4:05 am. he weighed in at 10 lbs 14 oz (!) it was no wonder i got as big as a house. and no it wasn't a c-section.. yes folks.. holy crap is right.. thankfully labor was quick. by quick i mean i woke up at 1:30, woke jay up at 2:30 called mom in law and the OB at 3, got to the hospital at 3:30, was on the monitor for 20 min, and then it was time.. yeah.. 2.5 hours. it was crazy.

Liam had some breathing problems on the first day, b/c he had swallowed some meconium during delivery, but that resolved itself by saturday night or so. he was a bit jaundice on sunday morning, but we got sent home with the light blanket, and were told to get a lab done inthe morning.. no biggie.. evan had the biliblanket.. but the numbers came back high, so we were told to bring him back to OB so he can go under the lights.. that was monday at noon.. today is weds, and we were finally able to bring him home weds the 28th.. his bilirubin numbers are no longer scary. they got so high that the doctor said that if they don't come down he might have to get a transfusion (!) but luckily they had come down enough that we didn't have to worry about that.. thank God. and i get to sleep in my own bed.. what a treat!

his jaundice is pretty much gone now and he's quite the sleeper... i couldn't ask for anythign more.

i've uploaded some pictures to my web album for you all to check out enjoy!


  1. Wow! He's changed so much already! He is a beautiful little boy!

  2. I'm not trying to ignore you, but Norton won't install again, Un n re again! shouldn't even be onL - I got the email btw-

    Glad all is well, n he's sleepy! haven't seen any open eye pics yet... Blue? will go check pics again...
    Stay warm, here comes the chillies!