Thursday, March 15, 2007

boy time has flown by

Liam will be 3 weeks old tomorrow. hard to believe it's been three weeks already. it has been a crazy time i must say. so on top of juggling the 2 boys in daily activities, we've been trying to get our day care situation settled.

our daycare's youngest is finally getting out of the hospital today after over a week in the hospital. poor little guy had double pnemonia, and was in the hospital down the street, but wasn't improving so the bussed the boy to Baystate medical Ctr in springfield so he could go into ICU. he's only in kindergarten. and during this time i recieved an email from our daycare, that pretty accused us of being bad parents, and how careless we've been with germ exposure of our son (who hardly gets a cold, nevermind something serious) by letting him go to daycare when she says there's illness in the house. her kids get sick at the drop of a hat, Evan doesn't. she also accused us of not caring that her little guy was in the hospital and "to show some compassion" as she put it. i must admit that had i known the day her husband called to say that their son was in the hospital how serious his illness was, i would've responsed differently. her husband called me up on tuesday morning, waking me up and simply said that their son was at the hospital. no stress in his voice. (mind you he is in the hospital several times a year for pnemonia.. he gets it alot, and rebounds very quickly) and i simply had said to him, "okay, I'll keep Evan home" and he said ok, and we hung up the phone. i had talked to our daycre on monday night and she said he had the flu and should be better by thurs at the latest.

so as days went by, i would call up to see if she was open, b/c we honestly had no idea that thier son's health was going down hill. no one said anything to us, and they surely didn't mention that they'd be closed until further notice, so it was left to us to call them and see if they were open. if daycare is "open" and we choose to not bring Evan for what ever reason you still have to pay. it's the way daycare works. so if daycare was open, i would've brought evan so i could relax with the baby. so needless to say she took offense to my calling everyday to see if she was open b/c i was endangering the health of my child among other things. well jay flipped his lid and sent her a really nasty email... which he thought wasn't nasty at all... well i read it after the fact and it was. She emailed back and said that she's going to be saving us money every month by not watching evan or taking the baby anymore! WTF is that all about? so now we're trying to arrange with some friends to watch the boys for the remainder of the school year. Everyone has since apologized, and she said she shouldn't have said anything in the first place with her being so upset about Wil. but she hasn't mentioned anything about the boys so i just assume, she still won't have them. and besides if she honestly feels that when we put leftover chinese in evan's lunchbox the next day that we could be better spending that money on paying her the full price for daycare (we were getting a discount b/c we po') among other things, then i don't want to have to justify everything we do to our daycare.. and she can fill the slots with a family that can pay full price then so be it.. we know they need the money too. and jsut for the record we spend about $20 on chinese once in a while, when it's late and we don't want to cook, or if we have company... not only do we get dinner out of it, but there's often plenty left over for a couple lunches too. we get those combo dinners, and unlike her we're not feeding a family of 6. she may spend $50 or more, but we don't. and when we do get chinese, we almost always put it on the credit card b/c we don't have any money. if daycare took credit card... that's a different topic.

so three weeks into maternity leave.. (technically 4 b/c i just couldn't work really the week i went into labor.. i was massively uncomfortable and swollen) i haven't had a chance to rest at all. everyone asks if i'm resting.. ha.. i have a 3 year old, and a newborn who needs to eat every fews hours and needs diaper changes all the time.. who has time for rest.


  1. MB - Some people can be such tools. Don't let it get you down, you're better than that.

    Peace & Hugs,

    - Neo

  2. thanks, Neo.. i know that.. and your right people can be ools.. you just don'e tell a hormonal new mother that she's a bad parent a week after she's had teh baby... it's not good.

  3. So this means you haven't had a break at all? You really need a new daycare without the hassles! If you'd been workin, you'd be up the creek with this-
    Good luck calling around.

  4. no kidding.. it's just as well really. i'm thankful that this whole thing happened while i'm able to be at home anyway. and this is tax return money that's supporting us while i'm on maternity leave. there's no way i'd have been able to get coverage for this long for care for 2 kids. we have a friend that's great and a stay at home mom, who would be able to take evan or the baby no prob. she'd love to take both but physically can't fit 5 car seats in her van.. her oldest goes to preschool so a daily outing is required at 12:30 and 3 pm..

    i've had a couple days where evan has been at great grandma's but i'm still not resting.. going out and doing things with me and the baby.