Sunday, October 14, 2007

here kitty kitty kitty..

Anyone seen our cat?

she went out yesterday and didn't come back.. it's not unusual for her to miss the last call into the house, and she's spends the night outside, but she's always waiting to come in when the sun comes up.

but she wasn't today.. so me and Evan went for a walk around the block. The good news is that there are no kitty bodies in the streets. the neighbors hadn't even seen the cat in a while either, and she goes all over the neighborhood. It makes me wonder if someone brought her to the animal shelter. I hope she comes back tomorrow.. if not then I'll call the shelter.


  1. It might be smart to call the shelter ASAP to be alert for her, if she shows up. I hope she finds her way back, n isin't trapped somewhere, like a garage or something.
    One time Teri dissappeared for three days, I'd written her off- then I let her in at 3am meowing at the door, (weweantic) n realized she'd broken her leg! She lived another 15 years...
    I hope you have a happy ending!

  2. something came back last night and ate up all the cat food i left out for her on our porch near the living room window. I hope it was her. I'll call the shelter later today from work if she doesn't show up by the time I leave