Saturday, October 6, 2007

long weekend!

so as part of the long weekend festivities, we went to Yankee Candle for the fall festival or whatever. we bought candle stuff wel. b/c I can't help myself.. honestly it's like a kid in a candy store for people who like smelly candles. We went on a Hayride, and Evan painted a pumpkina nd got his face painted and got a balloon dragon! we had a good time.. now we're home, and the kids are sleeping, and jay will be leaving for the church supper shortly. give me a few minutes, and I'll upload some new pictures!

edited to add:

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  1. Looks like a blast- Good that Evan's learning to have a good time this year.
    Still trying to figure out what the face painting was of, will have to visit the larger format when got more time.
    The baby is adorable-