Monday, October 1, 2007

look! it's an update!

so here I am on my lunch break at work, blogging. It's been a while, I understand that... but life has gotten in the way. It's funny though.. well not really, but I often think that when things happen in the course of my day that I should blog about somehting that happened.. and I never do. I forget. I'm forgetful, it's just the way it is. I accept it, and so doesn't my family. i.e. Evan will ask me for a drink, and I'll say ok I'll get it. I go into the kitchen and return empty handed. Evan says, "Hey you forgot my drink!" oops.. and then I head back into the kitchen again, get distracted, and forget his drink again. it's pathetic really, the amount at which I forget to do things. My problem is that I get distracted easily from what I'm doing, and then I forget what I was doing int he first place and start to do something totally different. then 2 hours later, I remember that I forgot to finish something, so it seems as though my day never ends.

Life is otherwise going good. Liam started his new daycare today. Thanks so much to Tamar for watching him for us over the past several months!! I know he'll miss it there!

Have I told you all that he's got 2 teeth? others are on the way.. he chews all the time... He's eating solids like a champ, and is practically crawling. it's cute. I've got to get in on video for you guys.(riiiight, that will happen sometime this century) Hell I've just got to upload some more pictures. and take some!

The weather here has been incredably dry the past couple of months.. not much rain even for our dry season!! the temps last week were in the 80's.. but still chilly in the mornings.. hard to figure out the best way to dress the kids in the morning.

the cold nights, warm days, and lack of rain has caused the leaves to start to turn. it's beautiful around here the second week of october.. that's usually the peak of the season. I'll be heading out to North Adams for work next week, and I'll be sure to stop along the way and take some pictures!

Evan has started school as well. poor kid says every monring that he doesn't want to go to school, but every afternoon when we pick him up he tells us what a great day he's had. he doesn't realize that he'll be in school for the next 15+ years so he better get used to it! lol.. he had a very difficult time re-adjusting to being somewhere everyday after spending the summer home with Jason. I'm just glad that he doesn't kick and scream any more when i drop him off

that's all for now
i'm done


  1. Yay! More words- been checking every day like forever! Good luck on the daycare n school daily runs! I hope you get a video up before Liam starts running, sounds like he's starting to have alot of fun- Wish I wasn't missing it all!

    Our leaves are less colorful n browning out early so far on the early-turners. I haven't even reinstalled the scanner stuff yet- Think you're out of it this year... I may be worse, no kids!

  2. i know i know.. sadly I check my blog too. lol, and I keep thinking, man I need to update.

  3. The "things you need to do" list just expoentially expands from here on!

  4. I think the forgetfulness is hereditary, so it's not completely your fault. I multi-task alot at work and am constantly being pulled in different directions. I can manage to get everything done, but sometimes I find it difficult to focus. Breaks are a joke because I am constantly thinking about work to be completed. Then there is the crap I have to do when I get home, so, for me, it also seems like an endless day.

    I miss the autumn colors (sigh), but I don't miss the winter at all. I hate shoveling snow!!

    Evan's in school? WWHHOO HHOOO!!