Thursday, December 24, 2009

I'm not afraid to say it

Merry Christmas!!

You heard me, have a great Christmas.... If you celebrated Hannukah, I hope it went well, and if  you do Kwanzaa, then I hope that goes well too or Yule, Festivus, or celebrating the solstice. I can not stand the generic holiday wish. Has society gotten everyone to the point of saying the word "Christmas" to have the same staggeringa nd frighening effect as saying "Voldemort"? It seems so, but I am the new Harry Potter, so to speak, Christmas, Christmas, CHRISTMAS!! mwa ha ha ha.... giggle

I'm enjoying my Christmas cookies that I made last night, and Liam helped decorate, and soon enough I will be Christmas shopping.. yes on Christmas eve.. (stupid bi-weekly pay schedule). Then tomorrow, I will be opening Christmas presents, and none of that generic "holiday" bullshit either.  It is all to celebrate Christmas.

I hope everyone enjoys their day in whichever way they choose, stays warm, and gets drunk!


  1. hi love you humans we Doxie's just wate till you all flok's eat and that's our Christmas & all we have to do is give love & lick's.. peopls should try

    MARRY CHRISTMAS in Doxie that's WOOOOF Woof so hope you have agreat Woof Woof Buddy,Luct,Rocko & "Pal"

  2. Wow I noticed this was a vergin page & I was 1st.....
    Your mom is laughing at me she said WOOF WOOF, no that's worng she said MEOW MEOW that's a Cat Marry Christmas have a great night.. MISCHIEF

  3. lol.. Hope you had a fun on Buddy :)

  4. Hope you are recovered from the busy rip-it open-day. I'm still exhausted, n don't have any children here! Work did me in- finally made the PObox card pile- Thanks

    Looks like your turn for snow-