Saturday, December 19, 2009

Operation: Getting Old

Yesterday was the hubster's 30th Birthday. I could tell for days that he was disappointed that I didn't have any fantastic plans to celebrate.. then the other day one of his friends happens to call and suggest he and another pal take him out to play pool and have some drinks later today... *evil grin* he asks me if I was up to this business and I denied it... so while he is out later I will finish tidying up and put out some snacks, and then hopefully by the time they all return We will have a house decently full people, food and decorations.

on another note I finally updated photos around the house with prints that I just had printed. :) some of the boys and some taken of the crappy tree in the back yard.


  1. Sorry I didn't get over here faster- I haven't read much this week- need sleep n shouldn't be reading now!

    Looks like you got away with a good plan, Hope J had a blast/

    Very cool Tree pics, n that's lotsa mushrooms!
    Maplebeard has them growing inside the big hole!

  2. the party went well, and he didn't put together any of the odd things that happened during the day until he arrived home to a party. He had a good time :)

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