Sunday, December 13, 2009

shit it's cold!

Here in western New England where all the residents have the mantra of "Don't like the weather: wait 30 minutes, it'll change", really did it to themselves this time. On Thanksgiving it was t-shirt wearing weather outside, and the next week it feels as though we have all been living in Canada. God damn it it's cold! right now my stick on temp thingy on the window is telling me it's barely 20 degrees, and my accu-weather Firefox add-on on the bottom of the window tells me 13 degrees... I like the winter, really I do, I like the snow and welcome the cold.. it's when it becomes frigid that I don't like. too flippin' cold! Can't we just build a huge wall along the border with Canada and expect that it will keep out the cold?? If I liked Canadian weather patterns, I'D LIVE IN CANADA!! Living in a 100 year old house that has mediocre insulation (at best) is not the most fun place to live in the winter. We have quite the chill going on here. We need to shrink wrap the windows on the doors... the bak room where our computer is located is often particularly chilly compared to the rest of the house..

Christmas is coming up! can you believe this year is coming to a close already?! Crap, where did it go?


  1. We got too spoiled with all the balmy weather too long-
    I have half my house, the entire wall to the back plasticed off- (2-layers) Then I have the heavy, clear plastic hung like curtains over the windows, so I can lift them to see out.
    I have to go out n come back in to feel warm-

    If I were you I'd get a wood stove to use on the freezing days like this- so you can feel warm without costing a fortune.

    Thinking about 2010 here already is a mind-blower for sure. It gets very speedy as you age, n you lose track!