Monday, December 12, 2011

Domestic Enemies of the busy mom

Do you read Rants from Mommyland? No.. well then you should. This post is in their style of “Enemies of the _________ Mom.”
I have a nearly 8 year old and a 4 year old. My older son is old enough to do activities like Cub Scouts and sports that are on Saturday mornings (ack and a birthday party to plan!). Thankfully Little Dude isn’t quite old enough for that stuff yet. I work full time during the day and sell Pampered Chef at night (might as well send you to the site so you can buy something, right?). Oh and I’m on 2 (yes two) PTO’s one of which I run. My Husband works as a teacher so he has all the work that comes home with that. He is also on the vestry at Church, goes to online school for his Ph.D, and participates in a class locally that meets weekly. Thus there are many a things that quickly become enemies to my massive juggling act.
1. Snow Days- it is Halloween and we are having a snow day. This is not a good sign for the winter to come. Everyone has a snow day today, including myself (as I work at a local University).. so I can imagine my work piling higher as it needs to wait, yet ANOTHER day.
2. The “how-do-you-do-it?” Mom/Dad- This one just gets on my nerves. “I don’t know lady, I just do. I don’t have a spare moment to contemplate your question.” Must. Keep. Moving.
3. Short notice events/schedule changes- My calendar is planned a month out, mainly because of my work. By the start of the month my schedule is set and often I have something going on nearly every single night. So last minute additions can rally mess me up unless of course you are willing to wait 3 weeks until I can fit you in.
4. Not enough hours in the day- My friend says that no matter what she does the constant feeling of never being caught up and the fear of getting so far behind keeps her going and wishing for more hours of the day. I agree. A full night of restful sleep would be nice. She recently got fouled up with this snow storm as her house has been without power for 2 days now. They are camping at our house.
5. People who live by themselves- I say this one, not to be mean, but because there are people who don’t have anyone they live with that they do not have to be concerned about, so they don’t seem to understand the frustration I have when they ask me to do something that can seriously screw up my act. I.e. my boss. The simple task of asking if I can work late for 3 hours to work on something is a HUGE deal for me to arrange. But for him, “It’s just a couple hours” and if you think he’ll be there working along side me, ha! Then he suggests, “just get a babysitter”… oy
6. People who have more money than they know how to spend it- I work to pay the bills and to get the cheap insurance provided to me by the University. But to some people, like my boss, who say, “Just get a babysitter”. That idea is easier said than done, because unlike them, we often just don’t have the extra cash to pay someone to watch the rugrats for several hours. I often reply to those people with, “Are you going to help pay for it?”, at which they are often stunned and say, “well, no”. So Don’t be surprised if I turn down your request to attend your short notice request because all my free sitters (of which I have about 3) are already occupied or frankly just don’t feel like watching the kids. For these people dropping $100 to go to the chiropracter on a whim, is no big deal and think that everyone else can do it too.

*originally posted on my Tumbly on Oct 31 @ 9:31am

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