Monday, December 12, 2011

Gall Bladders.. who needs 'em? not me!

So back in August I got my gall bladder out. Dr. Muthavarapu at Greenfield Surgery said it was “non-essential” so I said what the heck I’m sick and tired of these awful attacks, so lets go for it. He said I could also change my diet, and “see” if that helped. I went for the surgery. Seeing as how my diet isn’t really *that* bad to begin with (especially in the summer when I tend to eat healthier), the surgery was prob for the best. Satish, as he introduced himself, was great. Nice and funny, very knowledgeable about the whole thing.. I felt I was in good hands. 
I’d like to thank my sister for pointing me in the direction of diagnosing my ailments. I was talking to her about the pains and awfulness that I was experiencing and she said, “hunny, you might want to get your gall bladder looked at. Sounds a lot like the problems I was having when I needed to get mine out”. hmm who knew. so I did some internet research. Did you know that Gall bladder problems are hereditary? I had no idea… also did you know you are more likely to have problems with your gall bladder if you are 1)white 2)female 3)have been pregnant 4)have someone in your family who also has gallstone. Guess who fits ALL of those categories? ME!! I win! oh wait. It’s really a fail. 
After a few months my body finally realized that it was missing something and my digestion hasn’t been this good in a long time! It had been sort of wonky since I was pregnant with Liam. Honestly he was the size of a 3 month old when he was born, and I don’t find it surprising that it’s possible he squished my gallbladder into submission during his time in captivity. It’s possible right? 
If you are in the same boat with what I thought were just really awful gas attacks, where I could take gas pills and burp for 4 hours on end and feel no relief causing my back to spasm right under my right shoulder blade, then you might be in the market for this surgery. Here’s a tip.. heat on your shoulder blade area during an attack was the magical treatment for me while I was waiting for my special day. When I discovered this, I was in heaven.. and possible risk for something bad sleeping with the heating pad, but it was my saving grace during those attacks… It meant I was actually able to get sleep, and not be in pain. 
also the best tip ever: vaseline on your scars to stop the *awful* itching. trust me. it was wonderful! I read it on the internet somewhere and thought, what the hell.. it won’t hurt anything, and I was desperate, and I already had it in my house- nothing else was working.

** originally posted on my Tumblr on Dec 3rd 2011


  1. I remember a comment about heat application being my secret cure-all for tooth n ear-aches (at the tumbler site).
    Yep gas is painful sometimes! No wonder babies make all those funny faces...

  2. Happy New Year to Blonde at Times!
    Hope stuff's going well in your new year- I'm just beginning to get over that recent plague...

  3. Glad to hear you are starting to feel better! I didn't go to the dr with my recent illness either, and I am finally feeling alot better! YOu'll get there