Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's your birthday?! here! have a broken arm!

Friday... could've been better. Liam and I raced off to North Adams (a 1.5 hr drive) to rescue some friends whose car died 2 days prior (as in the water pump exploded and bore a 1/2 inch whole in the engine where it is) because it was the closest hospital that accepted their insurance to pull out my friend's husbands' teeth- got them all taken out. poor guy :(

so I'm on my way, and I get a call from my friend where Evan was supposed to be sepnding the night because it was Evan's friends birthday party. He hurt his arm. CRAP. And he is screaming bloody murder. The boys were playing and Ev tripped and fell and landed poorly on his arm. awesome. We didn't know it was broken at this point. I tell her Jason is on his way home from the eye doctor which was running late, and he will be there in a few minutes. Evan insists that Jason take him straight to the ER.. I get a call some time later on my ride home with my rides that he broke his arm. *sigh* 
Here are pictures from the last few days. The first one is from Weds, I think, after he got his first birthday present, in the mail, from his Gram. Right now it's happily residing among the clutter on the coffee table. Then we have a couple from the ER while the X-Ray technician was trying to get an xray.   oh! and a picture of initial plaster cast.And we have a couple from the party on Sunday when Evan was still in a good mood. and the final in the series was taken today, just a little bit ago. I finally got him to put a shirt on normally AND he is now able to handle the XBOX controller on his own!! yay!


  1. I think getting all the teeth out is lucky! Way better than one at a time...

    Glad Ev likes his Dragon. Good to see he made it thru his party OK too! Yay! He finally gets to play his new game- all is not lost...

  2. He is doing way better and is looking forward to next week where he gets this cast off and will then get a splint or a short cast, as the one he has now goes past his elbow, his last x-ray showed his bones lining up pretty good, so he is very hopeful the doctor will give him the splint. I won't tell him that it'll make a great hand bag pocket someday. lol

  3. Its natural instinct to use our arm for support when we fall down. If you're unlucky, you might fall on an odd angle and break your arm. Evan was lucky that it wasn’t that serious. Physical therapy is always needed for recovery because it preps our muscles and bones for daily use. I wish he'd be more careful to avoid accidents like this. Good day! :)

    Sienna Christie