Sunday, November 4, 2012

Santa talk...

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So my wife and I decided it was time to have the Santa talk with the nine year old because he had been hinting that he doesn’t believe anymore. So on our way to Staples I decides was time. Here is how the conversation went.
Dad: so what do you think about Santa?
Boy: He’s real.
Dad: Even though your friends told you he isn’t?
Boy: yup
Dad: what if I told you he isn’t?
Boy:  I would still believe.
Dad: why?
Boy: because my presents always say from Santa.
Dad: what if I told you that mom and dad just write that?
Boy: well, the presents are still wrapped in Santa’s special wrapping paper. It has his picture on it.
Dad: what if I told you mom and dad buy that too?
Boy:  Well there is still the video on the computer.
Dad: what if I said that was mom and dad too.
Boy: I would still believe.
We enter staples and he sits down.
Dad: So let me get this straight. I am telling you there is no Santa, but you will still get presents and you are saying that you don’t care what I say, you still believe?
Boy: yup
Dad: and your not upset?
Boy: nope.
We then discussed what Santa means and why parents pretend he is real and he is now playing with friends like we just talked about his homework. I was expecting tears or the "no crap, dad I knew that a long time ago. "This was one of the strangest conversations I have ever had with my son. I was afraid to upset him but I guess there was no need to worry


  1. Been a long time since I went to Altons blog-
    I can hear the voices while reading that. Your oldest son did seem very intelligent n mature when I spoke to him just the other day. Just don't be surprised if there's a few "relapses" into immaturity moments!
    Believing in magic is fun...

  2. Went to his wordpress blog n couldn't comment without signing up, so didn't but did read.