Thursday, November 1, 2012

Timey Wimey & Robots

Here we are at the Downtown Trick or Treat last night. We had a pretty good time! Can you guess the costumes? My attempt is quite poor, but if you get Evan, you can use the power of deduction to figure out my costume. The people that got Evan's were very pleased, but he did have to explain it a few times. Every seemed to love Liam's outfit (yay!) Lots of work went into it Mon and Tues night. No better way to spend a hurricane, than to make a costume, right?
A key piece to Evan's costume was held up in shipping due to the storm. Thankfully it arrived at noon on Halloween so there were no meltdowns! At the end of the downtown event they do a rag shag parade and costume contest. The kids didn't want to do the parade and Liam didn't want to compete (rats!) I bet he had a good chance in winning too. Trick or treater volume at the house was light too, probably because the downtown thing was on the same night, normally it's not.. But that's cool because now I have my own pot of candy to munch. nom nom nom.... 


  1. your costumes look awesome! I'm guessing Timey Wimey n a robot, but I'm betting there's a book or show I haven't seen to know who you are... Liam's does look like alot of work- Love those arms like Robby the Robot ones in Lost in Space tv show- Bet it kept him warm too! Are they up on a platform, ot really getting that tall?
    Looks like a fun time for you all-
    Was the key piece the bow tie or the coat?

  2. Perhaps the red scarf indicates you are Mrs Wimey?

  3. correctamundo- you haven't seen a show. It's called Doctor Who. and YOU SHOULD you would probably like it. It's a British show that's been around for 30 years, and the way the show is set up, the main characters switch out. I item we were waiting on was his sonic screwdriver.

    and the kids are really that tall :/ Evan is wearing a size 14 and Liam is in a 7.. yeah they're giants lol

  4. I forgot to add that I'm supposed to be Amy Pond, one of the Doctor's time travelling companions

  5. I do remember seeing a show called Dr Who decades ago... I assume you're seeing new episodes? Your character name sounds familiar too-